“what the hell!Your foreigner speaks Chinese so well?”

I heard the authentic Beijing accent of the Eastern European beauty,Qiao Tianyu was even more surprised,what’s the situation?
“Neuropathy!You are a foreigner,Your whole family are foreigners!”
The girl gave Qiao Tianyu a blank look,After flushing away the vomit in the toilet,Grabbed the warm water in Qiao Tianyu’s hand,Pour it down。
I’ll give it a go!
This savage energy looks very much like Lily!
“Is not,girl,who the hell are you?Why are you in my room?”Qiao Tianyu followed the girl and kept asking。
“My name is Michelle!You brought me back last night。”The girl walked to the bedroom window,Take off your nightgown and change clothes。
What the hell!
The moment Michelle took off her bathrobe,Qiao Tianyu was shocked by the extremely hot figure and couldn’t close his mouth。
Under the sunlight through the window,Those long legs、That ant waist、That towering mountain、That beautiful buttocks up to the sky,It’s so good to see the explosion,Never lose any Victoria’s Secret Angel,Provoked Qiao Tianyu’s nosebleeds。
“Is not,I clearly remember bringing my fiancee home last night,How could it be you?”Qiao Tianyu lowered his head embarrassedly。
“Qiao Tianyu,How much did you fucking drink yesterday,I was dragged by you to run around Dubai as soon as I arrived at the bar,What stinky tofu must be bought,I have to feed my mother,Are you fucking sick?!”
Michelle scolded angrily,Retching from time to time,It seems that Qiao Tianyu was forced to eat a lot of stinky tofu last night。