“No need to,Let’s just take a look。”Hu Yang said。

however,The shop owner didn’t seem to hear what Hu Yang said,Two beautiful girls specializing in Xiaoxiao and Ranran。This is targeting them?
“I am the owner of this shop,Two beauties,Tell me what you are fancy,I send you。”Talking,The shop owner also deliberately showed his wrist,Above is a famous watch。
Uh!This is picking up girls?
Populus euphratica and Huazi were taken aback,The audience in the live room also wanted to laugh。
Don’t say you are the owner of this store,Is the shareholder of the entire antique city,I’m afraid the two girls don’t care about it?Are they short of money??
and,This guy soaked up a girl in front of Brother Hu,Upset everyone。
This kind of chat,Ran Ran and Xiaoxiao met a lot,Both of them actually took a step back,Stand on the side of Populus,Naturally hold Populus’s hand。
“Wow!brother,What is this strange uncle doing?So strange!”
“Just,correct,His watch seems to be fake。”Of course。
Uh!This is embarrassing。
The shop owner did not expect,These two girls,They are all this buddy’s women,A bit too much!Take up such a good resource,And still two,Are you afraid of thunder?
and,I bought more than 200,000 famous watches,fake?Young,How can i be blind?
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