“Out!They came out!”As the main hall door opens,Someone immediately preached to King Ning。

Lu Menglin and Tu Shanming,Liu Wenzhang and the three walking in front,By their side,It was escorted by a team of full-armed temple guards。
Ning Palace,The other members of the Qinghai Sect,Then follow behind in a hurry。
They can’t follow behind!At the moment, Wu Hao is obviously respected,These religious people in the temple are very irrational,If they dare to walk in front of the Dragon God’s favor,I’m sure to be beaten like a dead dog。
The temple gate opens,Lu Menglin is about to say goodbye to Huang Shaotian,I saw the tree shade under the steps at a glance,Ning Wang and his group’s unkind eyes。
Wu Hao and King Ning are in sight,Look straight。
Confirmed eyes,You are the one i’m looking for!
Wang Ning actually nodded at Wu Hao,Grinned。
And Lu Menglin also shrugged,A look that doesn’t mean it。
At this moment,Sima Yinlong, the military commander of Prince Ning’s Mansion, also saw Lu Menglin and his party,Immediately hand over and smiled:“Elder Liu,They came out!The one walking in the middle,The kid in Tsing Yi,Wu Hao。”
The elder Liu from Liuyunzong raised his head,Glancing at the person with slanted triangular eyes,Then strode up。
Greet him,But the four seeded players of King Ning’s Palace standing behind Wu Hao were taken aback.。
The four of them turned pale at a glance,The seed captain is about to remind,But he was indifferent to being snatched by Wang Ling from the elite team of Bairimen,Abruptly blocked him behind。
“Leave it alone,Maybe live longer。Otherwise we will challenge you immediately!”Wang Ling shouted in a low voice。
The seed captain of Prince Ning’s Mansion first looked stagnant,The tight body finally softened,I had to bury my head deeply。
He really doesn’t dare to be the first to remind you at this time,if not,Even if I can win this Wang Ling,But I can’t take up Wu Hao’s challenge,The next scene,Can only be regarded as missing。
I saw Liu Yunzong’s elder Liu with his sleeves fluttering,I arrived in front of everyone in a few steps。
“You are Wu Hao?”Elder Liu shouted his name unceremoniously。
Lu Menglin was slightly taken aback,He has never seen the old man in front of him,but