Everyone became nervous when they heard this,The first batch of doctors who set off was named Liu,The target is the blood bank of the county hospital,He turned out to be a doctor in the hospital,Very familiar。I committed an accident and left the hospital,After many setbacks, I took refuge in Uncle Geng。

This person has followed Uncle Geng for many years,Can be trusted。It’s just that he was in a hurry when he set off,After a brief discussion about the contact information, I was on my way.。At that time, everyone was arrogant and ignored him,There is no accompanying protection,Now the second batch of people are back,But no news from him,This is terrible。
Count on Doctor Liu to get lost,That is impossible,The only explanation is that an accident happened。Was it the accident or was it seized by the police or the grandchildren??This is what everyone cares about most,if the latter one,Everyone must immediately prepare to move and run away。
Wei Dahai was very angry and slapped his bald head.,I hate my carelessness and carelessness very much,If this is changed to Geng Laowu,It’s impossible to be so ignorant。
It’s too late to say anything now,Prepare to move now,But where to move?Months of hiding,All the old nests reserved by Geng Laowu。Bald Hai’s head suddenly got biggerNring,Squatting on the ground, scratching his head in anxious manner。
Chapter One Hundred and Eighty Nine Sea bald apologize
“uncle,Or send someone to find a place first,The rest of us started to pack things,When Ahua and the others come back,Ready to leave。”Wenhui is calmer,He has followed Uncle Geng for many years,It is clear that the more the crisis, the less chaos。
Bald Hai is a big boss,Naturally can’t think of a better idea,Nodded in agreement。Everyone together,It was decided that Wenhui and the two lads who had followed Ah Hao to find a place,The goal is more in the mountains,Encounter a suitable large house,Either rent or buy。These two guys are locals,Very familiar with this area,Wenhui is more stable。
Broad bean and two other guys dangling around、stroll,A temporary warning。The rest are mobilized to pack up。
Li Tianchou slept very deep this time,Wake up almost noon,Although I feel refreshed,,But the whole body is still sleepy,It seems that the blood transfusion hurt vitality yesterday。But anyway,Xiao Song is still very happy,Immediately help Li Tianchou prepare food。
She just came from Uncle Geng,Doctor Gu said it’s fine,This is simply double happiness,I didn’t sleep much for the whole night,But at this moment Xiao Song is more energetic。
The clanging and cluttering sounds outside still aroused Li Tianchou’s curiosity,“What are everyone up to?Very lively。”
“Moving again。”Xiao Song’s tone is rather helpless。
“Why are you moving??”Li Tianchou immediately had a dreamlike illusion,He remembers the same when he was recuperating in the underground hospital,Is it true that my life is such a scene that repeats and reappears??