“Correct,Is helping。The general will not think that you are,Can control the gates of the city。”
Fish praised a bamboo tube to the skinny scenery and then,It is quietly standing on the side,Looking at the skinny,Don’t say a word。
“Large manager,What I want to do??”
Peak and read the letter,The above is just said that the fish praised to help him to control the city gate.,I didn’t say what I have to do.。
“Peese,You just have a secret,Will it be the beloved letter in the future??”
Fish prairie laughing meat does not laugh。
(This volume is over,Next volume“Kyushu angry”)
NS1131chapter Destiny gear(1)
Take more people walk in the wide street in Yucheng,With the moonlight and the star。
It is also strange to say,Obviously, it seems that the rain will look for it.,The result is in the evening.,Actually, I stopped it.。
Arrived at night,The moon is actually empty.,There is no cloud,The ground is like a layer of sweet cream.。
邺 南 城 城市,Peak and personally holding a torch,Standing on the city。His heart has already jumped to the eyes.,Show,It is still a slap in the same way.。
邺城,to be honest,Not completed,even,It is better to fight for the war.!
Because the whole company has just passed half,Exquisitely disappeared into the banned army of the Five Army Member as a backbone。The rest is all veteran oil and mixed food.。
Counting these people to maintain the public security of Yucheng,Of course it is more than enough。But if you put the hopes surrounded by Yucheng in these people,forget it。
First preparation,The defenders in Yucheng are very losses.。
Why do you say that,Because of the defenders of Yucheng,Obvious“Duo Dragon Sea”Pattern,Small head,Everyone is only hundreds of people,Unordered。
They live directly“Gyeonggong”!But there is no superior in the middle。
So Gao Bao,Name,Scenic and only“Substitute”,He didn’t understand these people.。Counting these people,forget it。
I am afraid that some is still inherently penetrated in the high!
“Leodard,I came from the north.,About 3,000 people,The banner of hit is clearly clear。”
The drums said softly in the skin and ear.。
Um?this is……What come??
Scenic and put your hand on the sword sword handle,Do not move:“Take me to see。”
The two women came to the edge of the city,Look forward to。I only see one with“Flare”Long Long is getting closer and closer,Soon, I arrived at the land of the city wall.。
Peak and this understand,This is actually a team of God.!
Banner can make fake,But that kind of training,The military discipline is not allowed。
“Who of the city?”
Scenic and screaming。
soon,From the team out of the teenager,Shouting towards the city:“General,I am a Rob International,Fengda Trinity, the life of the Governor, the general of defending the troops。”
This……Probably won’t be fake。
Skull and heart put half,He ordered to open the North Gate of Nancheng,The rhyrtille leading the team of the whole infantry into the city。
He comes in and discusses,Put the main force of this army,Preparatory team for guarding the city,Use it in critical moments。
Seeing the appearance of the Town of the Robet,The skin and the brain spurred a few times before the time I said.,Rear behind a burst of cool。
Time a few times,Pider and home’s study。
“General,You will not think,This time I died once,It will become a relative letter of my master.?”
Seeing the skin and some kind of god,Fish praise continued:“Then,I am too affordable, I am too easy.,No matter where you come,There is no such thing thing,Is not it?”
Scenic and full of bitter,It’s really like a fish praise.,Repel the highness,But it is self-policy。Or,This is just the necessary conditions that are not cleared.!