“Yes!Is Mr. Cheng’s news pretty good??“Xia Jian put down his chopsticks and said with a smile,He now understands why Cheng Huiling should invite him to dinner。

Cheng Huiling took a breath and said:“Mix in this circle,Some things need more attention。I just want to know,Why did Xia Jian leave?Go to work in the group?Still have to find another job?“
Xia Jian didn’t even think about it,He casually said:“Working hard for years,Feeling a bit tired,So i want to rest,Is this reason sufficient??“
“Ha ha!You are deceiving a three-year-old child,Obviously Gu Changlong is afraid that you will take away their Gu family’s property,So make a difference,Forced you to leave。You said i guessed right?”Cheng Huiling said,Raised the glass again。
This wine is in Xia Jian’s mouth,I have always felt like being in water,So he feels very uninteresting,It tastes like a big mouthful。
Seeing Xia Jian stop talking,Cheng Huiling patted him on the shoulder and said:“It’s ok!Leaving Leading Group with your ability,It can also do something earth-shattering。I don’t know my temple is a bit small,Can I hold you President Xia?”
Xia Jian heard Cheng Huiling say this,Can’t help being surprised,This is something he never thought of。he knows,Cheng Huiling is in real estate,Still has its own strength。
“Thank you Mr. Cheng for your kindness,But I don’t think about it,Because i want to leaveGZ”This is the most sufficient reason for Xia Jian。
Cheng Huiling,Violently put the wine glass on the coffee table,Make the drink splash。She said coldly:“This Gu Changlong is too domineering, right!Does Yunmao want to cover the sky with one hand?。Don’t listen to him,Just come to my company,Gu Yue can give you,I give you the same“
“Thank you!Let’s not talk about this topic anymore?Such a good wine,Such a good dish,There is such a beautiful person,Talk about things like this,A bit horrible“Xia Jian said,Deliberately stretched out his hand,Took Cheng Huiling, who was sitting beside him, in her arms。
Woman struggling,Gave up resistance。So Xia Jian regarded the sofa as their battlefield。
First0680chapter Have their own minds
The changes in Bucheon are big this time,Huang Ting continues to deepen as the case,Was dug out, he colluded a lot with businessmen,Cause serious loss of state-owned assets。And Feng Tianfu is one of the business representatives。The so-called set aside the radish to bring out the mud,Mayor Chen of Pingdu City was also swept off by a stick。
Wang Youdao, who was ordered in danger, became acting mayor,This makes Wang Degui happy。Watching this old guy show off in the village every day,Xia Zecheng is so angry,But what’s the use of qi,If it is placed before,He doesn’t buy this man’s account at all,But now,Xia Jian has nothing,He can only get around this Wang Degui。