Their team leader looks weird,Xiao Zhang asked for leave just now,He can understand。But this girl also asked for leave,I have to ask。and,Still the same as Xiao Zhang,I also want to ask for three days。

Three days?
That is impossible,You girl,This month is the third time to ask for leave,Don’t tell the reason why aunt came last time。It’s an insult to his IQ。
“You won’t deal with Xiao Zhang, right??”The group leader couldn’t help but ask carefully。
Men and women in the same workplace,They are supportive。on the one hand,Is the fertilizer does not flow to outsiders’ fields;on the other hand,Work mentality will be more stable in the future。
Lin Shaofen glared at her leader:“Group leader,What do you think?This time something happened to my good friend,I have to take care of her for a few days,She has no relatives here。”
The thin-haired team leader rolled his eyes,I don’t believe this reason。
“Take care of friends??How about this!Today is half a day,I’ll visit you。”
Chapter Three Hundred and Fifty Bragging?
Good talk,Lin Shaofen extended the holiday to tomorrow。
Subsequently,She gave her good sister,The phone number of a girlfriend in a dormitory from high school to university。That girl is more free than her,Free time。
however,There was a voice on the other end of the phone:“eat?Don’t eat,I just want to sleep,Do you know when my live broadcast last night?Let me go!”
Ok!Lin Shaofen’s best friend,after graduation,Actually chose to be an anchor,It’s almost going to heaven!To know,That girl even complained to her before,The web anchor is a beggar,She can’t do it。