Lu Haocheng walked to her,Gently see her hungry,“fool,Why don’t you tell me??”

He is so expected,Waiting for her to tell him this good news。
Blue Xin leaned in his arms,Listening to his strong heartbeat,Laugh:“originally,I want to tell you tonight.,I want to give you a surprise。”Tonight is his birthday,She hopes,This is the best birthday gift tonight.。
“fool,Tell me now,It is also my best birthday gift.。”Lu Hao Cheng said softly in her ear.,Tightly hold her。
“Wow!dad,You can really be soft。”Blue 梓 琪 can’t help,Although I broke my mother’s plan,But Dad is so distressed mother.,She is particularly happy。
Blue 梓 俊 and blue sneer smiles,till this moment,Dad makes them very satisfied。
Lu Haicheng slowly released Blue Xin,Looking at the three laughing little guys,Unborseful happiness。
Smile:“It is said that,Your brothers and sisters quarreled。”
Three brothers and sisters:“……”When did they quarrel?。
That is the debate??
“dad,We didn’t quarrel。”Lan Qi,“Our brothers and sisters are generally not quarreling.。”
Blue sister is obliquely,When I said this,Does her are not red??
He went to the toilet today.,I have encountered her and Xiaoman Han Yuxuan.,That Han Yuxuan has been learning better than Qiqi,This time,Kiki hard,He also surpassed him,The two instantly see the other side of the eye.。
Seeing each other is a horizontal eyebrow。
Especially Han Yuxuan,Looking at Kiki’s eyes very special,Envy,Jealous。
Unfortunately, it is too fat.,This is so good now.,Poor him for your future,Can only suppress your appetite,Eat some radish。
“Nothing quarrel。”Lu Haocheng took the look of the brothers and sisters,Although there is no quarrel,But the atmosphere between the three sisters is a bit wrong.。
Lan Qi:“dad,What have you done to my mother?,Let’s go down.,Don’t hungry my sister。”Blue Qiqi smiles,starting today,She is my sister.。
She is no longer the smallest.。
“Let it go,Dad kitchen today,Give your mother to eat。”Lu Haocheng took Blue Xin to go downstairs,A face to meet happiness。
Blue and blue,Whispered:“elder brother,Do you have a birthday gift for Dad??”
Blue Yu Jun Yilou:“Pay off at noon。”
Blue and blue light,Laugh:“elder brother,Let’s go together。”
“it is good!”Lan Yu nodded。
Lan Qiqi listened,Also whisper:“Big brother,Two brother,I’ll go as well。”
Blue son looked at her,No sound。
Blue Qiqi can not expect the second brother will pay yourself,She looked at the big brother,“Big brother,Will you take me??”
“Can。”Blue 梓 微 颔。
Blue and blue laugh,I made a ghost face against Blue Dejack.。
Blue and blue:“……” What did he say??
She wants to go,Does he have the ability to block??Is he blocked??
“Blue,Ah Cheng,Think,Gather,Tian Qi,Four children,time to eat。”Mu Qing is happy,She has a sound,Take a short while,Everyone has come out。
Lu Haozheng drunk the chicken soup,He tapered the oil floating over,Soup sags with fragrant flavors。
Now everyone knows that Blue Xin is pregnant.,Especially Mu Qing and Yi Tianqi,Happy to meet the mouth。
“Blue,You taste。”Lu Haozheng is looking forward to watching her,This is his first next kitchen,Under the guidance of your mother,Will not have a difference?。
“Um!”Blue Xin looked at him laughing,He says:“Blue,weekend,You can sleep too late,I am going to cook。”today,She really sleeps very practical.。
She lows a bit,tastes good。
Stand,But looked at Lu Haozheng to look at her.。
Not just Lu Haozheng,Everyone’s eyes are gathered on the face of Blue Xin。