“Correct,Is helping。The general will not think that you are,Can control the gates of the city。” Fish praised a bamboo tube to the skinny scenery and then,It is quietly standing on … Read More

Everyone became nervous when they heard this,The first batch of doctors who set off was named Liu,The target is the blood bank of the county hospital,He turned out to be a doctor in the hospital,Very familiar。I committed an accident and left the hospital,After many setbacks, I took refuge in Uncle Geng。

This person has followed Uncle Geng for many years,Can be trusted。It’s just that he was in a hurry when he set off,After a brief discussion about the contact information, I … Read More

“money,We really can’t get it out,But before we went to Mr. Chen Gengchen,After Mr. Chen heard about the difficulties in our factory,Took the initiative to help us think of an idea,And expressed willingness to lend us money or even investment……”

“You wait,”Jia Yumin interrupted Meng Haibo,Asked hurriedly:“You mean to run a pig farm、The idea of a chicken farm,It was proposed by Mr. Chen Gengchen?” “Yes,”Meng Haibo added:“Not only was this … Read More