Gao Wei doesn’t follow you all the way.,Solitary correspondence is actually very uncomfortable。However,If you are not walking in Yucheng,Debris,Solitary, I am really afraid that there is no foundation.,And your own family,I encountered some unnecessary troubles in Yucheng.。

after all,At that time, Gao Biyi was also outside.,Many things are the retreat of Gu He,Really fighting, there is life dangerous,Who will pay attention to you?“Small matter”what。 So I have … Read More

Paradise Contractor,Experience one world after another,Or die,Or die someday in the future,The dark and painful experience makes everyone desperate,now,What did they hear?As long as the world in front of you is destroyed,they,You can be free,they,You can be free,Their descendants and people can live freely under the sky,Made at sunrise,Sunset,For this, I have been looking forward to a good life for a long time,they,Not hesitate to sacrifice everything。

Chat Group Hall,Zhang Chulan looked at this familiar streamer,More than I saw the previous time,Stronger,Whisper。 “paradise,Contractor。” He will never forget these crazy guys,Do not seek victory,Solve only,Or resist their crazy … Read More

“rumor,There was a Nine Dragon Jade Cup in the Qing Dynasty。This finely carved Nine Dragon Jade Cup,If it’s full of jade wine,Immediately you can see that there are nine writhing dragons,Actually, it appears because the white jade is translucent,Bring the nine dragons to life。

Ok!As everyone sees now。 Kangxi period,Jiang Yang thief Yang Xiangwu sneaked into the palace three times to steal this jade cup and never got it,Increased the reputation of the Nine … Read More