“Don’t worry about this,I still know her temper。It’s such a big house. It’s a bit empty for the two of you,If it doesn’t work, let Mr. Luo and his wife move back.!”This word,Xia Jian didn’t dare to tell Luo Yi directly,But it’s okay to tell Ali。

Ali listen,I didn’t even want to say:“That definitely won’t work。Our lady is of high cold type,Generally not in contact with others。But Aunt Wu is not,She is sociable,Many friends。So the two … Read More

The garrison officer began to be a little suspicious,After all, this is my duty,Why can that guy easily leave from the big camp in the tool city,Logically,These guys should be registered and checked in and out,But recently,It seems that there is no record of the entry and exit of the elders!

It’s impossible,Those guys took advantage of their absence,Through internal relationships,Secretly let people out? “No way,Must get those guys out!” This time those guys are looking for Sword City,Just unsuccessful,Dragon King … Read More

The whistle is clear and long,But I saw a mountain peak 800 meters away,Surrounded by bamboo forest,There is a bamboo house on the top of the mountain,Two one-meter long wooden boards stand outside the house,The board on the right is engraved with three“positive”word,The board on the left is carved with two complete“positive”word,And a missing last stroke“positive”word。

boom! The bamboo door was pushed open by a powerful force,But saw an old and tall figure stepping out,An animal skin,Pale temples、Long beard like snow,Eyes very clear,Sharp as an eagle … Read More