“Fuck me!This old man wants our life!Work so overtime,Also think the output is too low,I really can’t help it。What if Qin Shuifeng is here??So many people,The machines are moving,I don’t believe her to supervise this output will rise?“Wang Youfa got emotional,Can’t help but burst into swearing。

Song Fang saw Wang Youfa like this,She couldn’t help but smile:“Is there a problem with you?!Qin Shuifeng is your wife,You hate her so much?“ “This lady is relying on her … Read More

“Brother Ding,This is something inside your Hongliu City,I will not participate!And my principle of life is very simple,Who bullied my friend,I will kill him!Besides doing business,I’m not interested in other things!”Lu Menglin upside down,Haha smiled。

Ding San nodded quickly,Archway:“Brother Lu is extremely right!” Lu Menglin glanced at Mu’s grandson again,Turning his head and said to the Beigong Changhe and Beigong Broken:“Miss Mu is my friend,I … Read More