Wang Lin took a long breath and said:”I didn’t expect you to know Xia Jian so thoroughly,This point on him,Normal women can’t tolerate him。But i can,Because I found out that he is such a person,Not so much his love is not specific,It’s better to say he is bothered“

Zhao Hong heard what Wang Lin said,She just smiled,Did not make any response。Xia Jian is indeed such a person,There are really not a few women who have a relationship with … Read More

Obviously,This is impossible,So what is it?This guy is really anxious,Xia Chenglong is good everywhere,It’s just how mysterious this god looks like.,I always like to sell this one,It’s not just to make the guys opposite feel uncomfortable,I never know how many catties this guy is,Even the soldiers on my side are the same,Always feel unsure,Nothing seems to be ready。

“That’s how it feels to be a military division strategizing,It’s so cool!” Xia Chenglong is secretly refreshed in his heart,When fighting on the frontier,There are also a lot of super … Read More