“aunt,This is really not my fool,Gentlemen,It’s not that I don’t give you face,The reason why Chen Geng wants to go back,Because I think the current China,No soil for the survival of foreign companies。”

Chen Geng’s words,Frightened everyone,Ding Haijun stood up first,Nervous way:“Mr. Chen,Don’t talk nonsense,In order to change,We did a lot of work……” “I know,”Chen Geng nodded,Made a gesture to indicate Ding Haijun … Read More

“Of course,Whether it’s Kyoto or the magic capital,There are many so-called families in these two places。If you are squeezed out or do something wrong, you may be exiled。Throw it to some less developed cities to help the family manage some less important businesses。but me,Is one of such unlucky ones。”

“Oh?” Of course Qin Feng has also heard some rumors in those two metropolises,Just didn’t expect,I will meet in Jiangbei Province。After all, the distance is still a bit far! ———— … Read More

But from Zhao Kuo’s point of view,,Since Qin Feng is the big boss,And Han Qian is a popular star,And Fengmeng Entertainment has only been established in less than two weeks,At this time the big boss came forward to welcome the new“Employee”To show their importance。

Only in this way can cooperation be harmonious and win-win。 of course,Some powerful celebrities these years have actually started their own studios。But Han Qian didn’t come out independently to open … Read More