The whistle is clear and long,But I saw a mountain peak 800 meters away,Surrounded by bamboo forest,There is a bamboo house on the top of the mountain,Two one-meter long wooden boards stand outside the house,The board on the right is engraved with three“positive”word,The board on the left is carved with two complete“positive”word,And a missing last stroke“positive”word。

boom! The bamboo door was pushed open by a powerful force,But saw an old and tall figure stepping out,An animal skin,Pale temples、Long beard like snow,Eyes very clear,Sharp as an eagle … Read More

“Brother Ding,This is something inside your Hongliu City,I will not participate!And my principle of life is very simple,Who bullied my friend,I will kill him!Besides doing business,I’m not interested in other things!”Lu Menglin upside down,Haha smiled。

Ding San nodded quickly,Archway:“Brother Lu is extremely right!” Lu Menglin glanced at Mu’s grandson again,Turning his head and said to the Beigong Changhe and Beigong Broken:“Miss Mu is my friend,I … Read More

“rumor,There was a Nine Dragon Jade Cup in the Qing Dynasty。This finely carved Nine Dragon Jade Cup,If it’s full of jade wine,Immediately you can see that there are nine writhing dragons,Actually, it appears because the white jade is translucent,Bring the nine dragons to life。

Ok!As everyone sees now。 Kangxi period,Jiang Yang thief Yang Xiangwu sneaked into the palace three times to steal this jade cup and never got it,Increased the reputation of the Nine … Read More