Paradise Contractor,Experience one world after another,Or die,Or die someday in the future,The dark and painful experience makes everyone desperate,now,What did they hear?As long as the world in front of you is destroyed,they,You can be free,they,You can be free,Their descendants and people can live freely under the sky,Made at sunrise,Sunset,For this, I have been looking forward to a good life for a long time,they,Not hesitate to sacrifice everything。

Chat Group Hall,Zhang Chulan looked at this familiar streamer,More than I saw the previous time,Stronger,Whisper。 “paradise,Contractor。” He will never forget these crazy guys,Do not seek victory,Solve only,Or resist their crazy … Read More

“money,We really can’t get it out,But before we went to Mr. Chen Gengchen,After Mr. Chen heard about the difficulties in our factory,Took the initiative to help us think of an idea,And expressed willingness to lend us money or even investment……”

“You wait,”Jia Yumin interrupted Meng Haibo,Asked hurriedly:“You mean to run a pig farm、The idea of a chicken farm,It was proposed by Mr. Chen Gengchen?” “Yes,”Meng Haibo added:“Not only was this … Read More


Chapter nine hundred and eighty three Testify to each other “I just hope you have some real stuff,Otherwise, people will think that I have unspoken rules for you。”Gao Yu said … Read More