Wang Lin took a long breath and said:”I didn’t expect you to know Xia Jian so thoroughly,This point on him,Normal women can’t tolerate him。But i can,Because I found out that he is such a person,Not so much his love is not specific,It’s better to say he is bothered“

Zhao Hong heard what Wang Lin said,She just smiled,Did not make any response。Xia Jian is indeed such a person,There are really not a few women who have a relationship with … Read More


First0524chapter Unnecessarily charged This person turned out to be Qin Dongsheng, the most powerful figure in Wuying Town that Jia Lina said.,From their conversation,Xia Jian still heard it。 I saw … Read More

“There is a Zhang Zhiqiang in the Zhang family,Opened a jade pull finger,Released a big monster,You have time to ask this person in person,What a big movement?How can officials allow him?”Li Tianchou reached out and pointed at the man in black。

Li Wu Bilingual,Sigh,Waved his hand to signal some men to let the way。 “Trespasser……” “Jia Chou,Don’t act rashly!I’m‘Lord of Seven Flames’!”Li Tianchou rushed into the cave with a swish。 But … Read More


“Correct,Is helping。The general will not think that you are,Can control the gates of the city。” Fish praised a bamboo tube to the skinny scenery and then,It is quietly standing on … Read More