In the evening,Ryoko、Broad bean and others are back,You Shilong、Zhu Lei and Peng Weihua are down again。Everyone comes and goes like a revolving lantern,Very busy,So Bald Hai’s wish to gather people for a drink has also fallen through。

Everyone is joking,Never shy away from Li Tianchou,He learned a lot of things from people’s conversations。Although not comprehensive,But he can judge in general,Uncle Geng’s layout for Sun Guaizi has reached … Read More

“Wailing~”A roar of,Lava demon makes a decisive decision,Heavenly Palace Realm and Shenzang suddenly shine,The rumbling sound keeps on,All the gray energy crystals that have just been frozen are collapsed,The old demon’s soul body rushed out of the heavenly realm,A head plunged into the gods,In the faint, there is a silver crystal chain tied to the waist of its soul,The other end twists and turns through the Heavenly Palace Realm,Straight into the body。

When the soul body reappears,This thing holds a blood-red flame,There is a black ball in the center of the flame,Black dazzling,Red oozing,Very strange。 That is the fire of the origin … Read More

“you!Martial arts of national masters and Chu Ji,I am waiting for it.,My meditation,Neited to resolve the Buddha,Although the Master Bolos’ smelted,But also need……Good!”Tempes are hot, when this is open。

Just rounded,Cooperative,Unfortunately, his combat power is only six thousand.,摩智 at least 100,000。 at this time,Suddenly laughed:“Hahaha……” Everyone is looking forward to,I saw a laughter.,It is the new helper of the … Read More

“Thief,Take a break!”

“Wait……Oops!Big,You are fine.?” “Sad, my big brother!” Uncover:…… Zhang Wuji wants to stop Wudang’s uncle,However, Song Qingshu that has just been released from the confinement,But it is very worthy of … Read More