The door of the hut is wide open,The scene before us,Wang Cong couldn’t help but get angry。I saw the wooden bed in the cabin,Sitting there is a pretty girl of 21 years old,Although dressed rustic,But she has a beautiful figure and big talking eyes,Plus a long hair like a waterfall,People think it’s a model sitting here taking a photo。

Girl opens her vermilion lips,Ha ha smiled:“Wang Cong,You idiot,Do i pretend?” “Wang Yihua!You are too much,That kind of cry,Do you know how scary it sounds in this mountain??I thought you … Read More

“Hands on!”

“kill!” The five emperors and five squares are the first to show off,The power of the five elements turned into a vast ocean,Beat the Seven-Star Celestial Array under Li Mingbu。 … Read More

Xia Jianyi walked in,A waiter greeted me,Xia Jian reported his last name。The waiter immediately took him to Chun Jiangyue on the third floor,The name of this box is interesting。Xia Jian did not expect,He even ate alone with Hu Huiru in such a place。

Xia Jianyi sat down,The waiter served him tea first,Then brought the menu。Xia Jian thought for a while,I quickly ordered a few dishes。According to common sense,This order has to wait for … Read More