Sleeping at 10 to 11 pm, the best time to rest, is also a health priority.

Sleeping at 10 to 11 pm, the best time to rest, is also a health priority.

Eighty percent of sleep disorders come from the psychological “95% of people should have 7-8 hours of sleep every day, but a small number of people only sleep 6 hours is enough, and a small number of people have to spend 9 hours to sleep enough.

Zhang Xi said that the length of sleep varies from person to person, but the change will not be too great.

There are often white-collar workers in Zhang Xi’s clinics. Media practitioners and other high-income people are treated for sleep disorders. 80% of sleep disorders are caused by psychological factors.

  ”These people are mainly working under pressure, working long hours, sleep deprivation and long-term lack of awareness.

He said that these people’s work and sleep time are often arranged inappropriately. They often work very late, then chat with colleagues and friends, eat and drink until the middle of the night, sleep at two or three in the morning, starting at eight or nine in the morning.The sleep period is artificially predicted and is medically known as the “sleep phase delay syndrome.”

  The best time to sleep at 10-11 in the evening “The best time to sleep is 10-11 in the evening, and getting up at 6 in the morning is just right.

However, people with sleep-time syndrome have a life rhythm that does not match the rhythm of normal society, and they lose sleep time varying lengths every day.

Zhang Xi said that after a long time, these people must have lack of sleep.

  The most common symptoms of people with insufficient sleep are: lack of concentration, dizziness, and decreased sensitivity to deal with problems.

People with chronic sleep deficiency have reduced memory, affecting the body’s immune function, and are prone to colds, causing dysfunction in the body.

At the same time, long-term lack of awareness also has an impact on psychology, most of which will be emotionally unstable, irritating, and temper tantrum.

He said that lack of sleep in women’s bladder freckles, is caused by the lack of awareness of endocrine disruption.

In addition, long-term insomnia will lead to heart rhythm disorders, frequent premature beats, but often can not find organic abnormalities.

  Sleeping too long is not healthy. If you have a long sleep, you will need to go to the hospital to check for excessive narcolepsy and sleep apnea.

Zhang Xi pointed out that sleep apnea is a kind of sleep in hypoxemia. It is more serious than hypoxia in the high altitude, and the human body is always in sleep state.

It can damage the quality of our sleep, making people snoring during the day; it can also damage the health of the brain.

  It’s normal for three or four hours on weekends. “People who have insufficient sleep on working days can sleep for three or four hours on weekends.

Zhang Xi believes that proper apprehension on weekends is good for helping people with stress to recover their strength and production.

He suggested that people who are unaware should try their best to do outdoor activities and physical exercise during the day, develop good sleep hygiene habits, maintain a peace of mind, do not lie in bed watching TV, read books and think about things, so as not to invade sleep time.

For those who are insomnia, there is no need to “talk about the color change” of sleeping pills, and reasonable use is not a bad idea.