2021 Tianjin Satellite TV Deyun Society, Spring Festival Evening official official

  With the gradual popularity of Yunhe Jiuyi, do you have pressure? For this issue, Yue Yunpeng laughed.

He said: In fact, everyone’s development is different. They participate in variety, movies, TV series, I hope they are all good.

Hello everyone, our Deyun Society will be better. Both, the pressure will be small.

And Qin Xiaoxian, as a new force of Deyun, I mentioned that my benchmark is Yue Yunpeng. In the face of whether I want to surpass the benchmark question, when Yue Yunpeng’s face is slightly shy, frank: Yue Ge is indeed a benchmark, I have been studying.

The distance is still very big, first said that can catch up, then say that it can exceed it. It is reported that Tianjin Satellite TV broadcasts "Tianjin Satellite TV De Yunshi Spring Festival Evening" in the New Year’s Eve, Tianjin Satellite TV, is also prepared for the three-phase party variety "Youth Deyun Society", will be in the second day of the first month. Evening broadcast. For the design of these three sessions, Guo Degang said: Tianjin Satellite TV created the innovation of the theme Spring Festival Evening and the evening.

In addition to officially appearing in the actors in the Spring Festival Evening, we have hundreds of people, which have picked some young actors, hoping to let more people know them on the platform of Tianjin Satellite TV. In the exposed recording highlight, as the deputy general of Deyun, Yu Yunping, Guo Degang, was first turned into a variety host. It said that he predicted "Youth Deyun Society" is quite smooth, and Yun Yunping revealed: the show has games, There is a cross talk, there is an interview and hellip; & hellip; has our new strength, Qin Xiaoxian, Zhang Jiunan, He Jiuhua, etc.

(Jin Yun Journalist Liu Xiaojing).