Milk powder is relative to calcium powder

Milk powder is relative to calcium powder

Many parents add calcium powder after rinsing the milk powder. They think that this supplements their children with calcium and saves the trouble of feeding another calcium powder. This is an alternative method.

  But it was actually unscientific at first.

This is because, first, after adding milk powder, calcium powder is added, and the protein in milk will coagulate when it encounters calcium, which will interfere with the absorption of protein and calcium. Second, the calcium content in milk powder is not low.Adding calcium causes insufficient calcium-phosphorus ratio in food, which is not conducive to calcium absorption.

  Therefore, the calcium supplement should be placed between the two feeding powders, and washed with a small amount of boiling water, so that both calcium and water.

However, it should be noted that the amount of milk powder should not be reduced due to calcium supplementation, which will increase the intake of nutrients and decrease.

In addition, parents should also know that calcium supplementation alone cannot prevent and treat rickets. Vitamin D can also be used to promote the absorption and utilization of calcium, so as to obtain good results.