Pointing at Matsushima Jiro with Tiger,Xiang Chen sincerely gave his own suggestions。

“All my actions now represent my personal will,Thanks for reminding Mr. Xiang,But Jiro Matsushima has made up his mind!”
Seeing Jiro Matsushima rushing towards him quickly,Xiang Chen gave up the idea of talking nonsense with him again。
Sideways avoiding Matsushima Jiro’s long sword,When Hanmang hasn’t turned over,Xiang Chen has already sent a step forward,Bringing myself closer to Matsushima Jiro。
Matsushima Jiro dare not care,He doesn’t know the allusion of the tiger soul in Xiang Chen’s hand,But things that can be used by Xiang Chen,I want to come, it’s almost like a magic weapon!
I dare not relax my guard for a minute,Matsushima Jiro always pays attention to the distance between himself and Xiangchen,But he still underestimated Xiang Chen’s power when using Tiger Soul,Even if the distance is well controlled,Matsushima Jiro’s clothes in his belly were still cut by the tiger soul,It just didn’t hurt the skin。
Matsushima Jiro looked at Xiang Chen in shock,Did he never meet a master,It’s not that I haven’t seen a master who uses a dagger,But he has never seen a master who can control a dagger with his fingertips.。
If the moment just now,The dagger in Xiang Chen’s hand is longer,Or Xiang Chen’s palm is growing,Then don’t even think about it,I must end up with a stomachache。
The anger brewing in fear is also growing rapidly,Matsushima Jiro yelled,Rush to Xiangchen again,It’s just that this time Matsushima Jiro took full advantage of his long sword,Controlling the distance between himself and Xiang Chen’s Tiger Soul。
Several seemingly handy attacks,In the end, they all returned without success because of the distance.,Xiang Chen Lianfan chose to retreat when he was about to succeed,Also gave Matsushima Jiro some confidence。
“Does Mr. Xiang regret it now??”
Matsushima Jiro looked at Xiang Chen,Asked with a smile。
“If I say regret now,I don’t know if I can cross back?”
Touched my nose,Xiang Chen’s question got a positive answer from Matsushima Jiro。
The long knife slashed towards Xiang Chen again,And Xiang Chen seems to be limited by the length of the weapon,Can only avoid everywhere。
After passing Matsushima Jiro’s slash,,Xiang Chen took a deep breath,Then the whole person also accelerates suddenly,Fast approach to Matsushima Jiro。