Madam Shen sighed,Say:“I know this arrangement is wrong to you,But now your relationship with Mr. Huo is pretty good。”

She paused,Just said:“Actually I didn’t tell you because of other concerns,The condition that we negotiated with Huo’s family is that this relationship will last until Mr. Huo gets married。You can come back when Mr. Huo gets married,You are young,Even if you want to get married and have children in the future,。Not to mention,I heard that the Huo family seems to have already started arrangements。”
At this time, Shen Han looked up in surprise like an electric shock,“what did you say?What arrangement?”
“Huo’s family seems to be talking with the other’s family,I believe it won’t be long before marriage。”
Mrs. Shen then said again,“Your brother is working on a project right now,While you are still at Huo’s house,Try to talk to Mr. Huo as much as possible,It’s not easy for your brother……”
Madam Shen said a lot later,But Shen Han’s ears hum,Did not hear a word。
Huo Rongxuan is getting married?
Although he has always made such preparations,But he didn’t expect to face this problem so soon。Isn’t it another year or two??Although he has always called Huo Rongxuan Lao Wang Ba,But actually Huo Rongxuan is only in his 30s,Why are you so anxious to get married??
and also,Does Huo Rongxuan already know about this??
Shen Han walked out of Madam Shen’s room with cold hands and feet,He looked around in the living room and didn’t find Huo Rongxuan’s shadow,Asked the servant,I learned that Huo Rongxuan was smoking in the small garden。
Shen’s villa is connected to a small garden,Although not as big as the Huo family,But also full of flowers and trees,It’s summer,The yard is lush and beautiful。
Sunny outside,But Shen Han is cold all over,I just want to find Huo Rongxuan as soon as possible。But didn’t expect to wait for him to turn around a corridor,I saw Huo Rongxuan standing in the pavilion in the garden from afar,And his brother Shen Ze is standing next to him。
I don’t know what kind of mood it drives,Shen Han stopped inexplicably。
Followed by,He saw that Shen Ze didn’t know what he said to Huo Rongxuan,Huo Rongxuan seemed to smile。
then,Shen Ze leaned forward,Kissed Huo Rongxuan。
At that moment,Shen Han suddenly remembered many details that he didn’t care about before,Including the weird thought he had seen in Shen Ze today,Including Huo Rongxuan’s first sentence when he saw him was to ask who he was,And they went to bed for the first time that night,Huo Rongxuan covered his eyes。
The Shen family brothers look like facial features,Only one pair of eyes has its own characteristics。