If Luo Xiao knew about himself and Lai Yunzi,,Then he should retaliate directly to himself,No need to kill all war report messengers,So that the entire east side of the Zulong City-state will fall into a crisis of war……

Did something else happen at Li’s house???
Make Luo Xiao so crazy,So that he did such a traitorous thing,I am afraid that some of his obsessions have been completely stifled!!
“I’m making cattle and horses for their Li family,They see me as a dog that shouldn’t bark,This whip,I will make them regret the whole Li family!!”Luo Xiao took off his hood,Revealed that whole face。
A heavy whip,From his side face to the ear,To the back of the head,The rotten meat on the side has not healed,New bloodstain,Freshly set scabs mixed together,I can imagine how heavy the whip was hit!
This whip is bestowed by Li Ying。
After the meeting,He begged the Li family owner to make another decision on Li Yunzi’s affairs,And expressed his obsession with Lai Yunzi。
But Li Ying rewarded him with this whip。
“Even notorious,She is also Miss Li’s family。Who do you think you are?Don’t have any delusions,Don’t forget who you are。This whip is for you to remember,If you question the decision in the conference hall in the future,,Get out of Li’s house。”
These few days,Li Ying’s words repeated in his mind,While torturing him,Makes him almost crazy!
First32chapter Growth stage white dragon
Luo Xiao is not a dog who can only obey!
Fortress defeated,Luo Xiao doesn’t even need to help,Wutu easily defeated Dongxu Fortress,Even Luo Xiao doesn’t need to expose his rebellious heart,Just intercept and kill all messengers secretly,Let the Wutu riot army advance into the interior of the Zulong City-state for a few more days……