Taiyuan City Clinic Acquisition Implementation

  Original title: The city clinic access is implemented on May 20th, "The Implementation Plan of the Pilot Work of Taiyuan City Promotes the Development Pilot". In the future, our city clinic is implemented, and as long as you are preparing for the full clinic materials and meet the relevant requirements, the clinic filing authority will issue a "medical institution practice license" on the spot.

  As of the end of 2020, there were more than 2,200 cases of registration in the volume and actual operation. The average number of practitioners in the clinic is human, including the doctor average, and the nurse averages people.

Internal medicine, stomatology, Chinese medicine department, orthopedics, gynecologics, etc. The proportion of medical treatment business occupying more than 90%, plays an important role in grassroots medical services.

However, the overall operation quality and level of our city clinic is more common, and standardized management is imminent. According to reports, this reform is designed to improve the medical service system, attract quality medical resources to sink, meet many levels of people, diversified medical services, build more high-quality, high-level clinics, as public health care services Important supplement.

  Access procedure – Take a certificate from 10 days to generate the past, the clinic admission process is more, you need to submit relevant materials, organize expert on-site review, and get a "medical institution practice license" takes about 10 days.

In the future, after receiving the filing materials, the clinic filing authority will record the materials and meet the requirements of the record, and the "medical institution practice license" is issued on the spot, and the filing materials are also streamlined as "Taiyuan City Clinic Record Information Table (Trial)" "A table", this is in the country. In the past, only the Chinese medicine clinics enjoy the management of the case.

In the future, the specialist clinic, all science clinics can enjoy this policy. Admission focus – by heavy "hardware" becomes "software", when the clinic is admitted, the area, setting, facilities of the key review, facilities and other hardware conditions.

In the future, when the clinic is admitted, the review focus will be converted from "hardware" into "software", pay more attention to the quality of the physician, thereby fundamentally enhance the quality of the clinics. Clinic is a medical institution that provides common diseases, multi-diagnosis and treatment services and family doctors. In the future, focus on reviewing physician qualifications and abilities, and physicians practicing in the clinic (excluding Chinese medicine clinics) should obtain intermediate and above titles.

  At the same time, encourage medical institutions to practice for 5 years, obtain intermediate and higher titles qualified, can fully occupy a full-time or part-time specialist clinic.

  Before the paper is changed to information, the clinic’s diagnosis and treatment information is paper management, there is no systematic, imperfect, and other issues.

In the future, the clinic should establish information system record diagnosis and treatment information, and the medical service supervision information system, the county (city, district) medical service supervision information system, the county (city, district) medical service supervision information system, submit and upload the diagnosis and treatment information.

        The medical service supervision information system in our city is unified by the Municipal Health and Health Committee, realizing electronic registration information system data sharing with medical institutions, physicians, nurses, interconnected with our city’s national health information platform and complies with its standard specification.

The clinic implements real-name system, standardize the writing and management of medical instruments, and realizes basic diagnosis and treatment business and service information.

  At the same time, relying on the information supervision platform, strengthen the pre-treatment and medical services of the treatment and medical services, and realize real-time supervision. The clinic information system should comply with the "Basic Requirements of Interoperative Interconnection of Clinic Information System", do not meet, deadline rectification; rectification is not implemented, the filing authority note the "medical institution practice license".

The case of the clinic will be used as a personal integrity record of the main person in charge of the clinic, incorporating the personal integrity system.

(Liu Tao).