The Army’s "Nanjing Road is good as good": inheriting the red gene hard work

Original title: Act of the army "Nanjing Road, good eight": inheriting the red gene hard work Wars, "Nanjing Road, good Eight Connect" on August 6, 1947, in the Shandong Laiyang City Xishou Yantou Yantou Village, 1949 6 The month will be in Shanghai, and is ordered to be on duty in Nanjing Road, Shanghai.

The officers and soldiers always keep in mind the nature of the people’s army, living in the downtown, spotting, and they are self-made thread bag, the clothes are broken, and the seams are toned again; carry the shovel, push the tulum, walk to the suburbs of several kilometers away Conduct a race of competition such as a rice, a drop of water, one degree electricity, a cloth.

In 1961, the vegetable supply of the Shanghai market was tight, and eight elections will be planted with vegetables "vegetables to the masses. On April 25, 1963, the Ministry of Defense awarded the honorary title of "Nanjing Road on Nanjing Road".

On the occasion of the military festival in 1963, Comrade Mao Zedong was "Nanjing Road, I’ve I have a good" eight-year-old ":" Good eight even, the world is passing. "

why? Willful. For the people, decades. Refugee corruption, never touch … "Calling on the National All Army to learn eight-year-old.

With the "good eight-year-old" officers and soldiers as prototype "The Sentinels under Neon", told the story of eight joints and cultivated officers and cultivated officers and touched generations. A generation of eight-year-old officers and soldiers relating to inherit and love the people in the people of the people, with the lonely old people, and regularly provide haircut and repair shoes for the elderly. Since 1992, eight joint officers and soldiers have begun to fund young children in Shandong County’s family poverty to complete their studies. They have emerged in the national helmets and disabled models. typical. "The people give me a love, I also love ten people.

"This is the solemn promise of the older generation of eight people, and it is also the eternal pursuit of the new generation of eight officers and men.

At the beginning of 2008, Shanghai was suffered from rain and snow, and the traffic was seriously blocked. The train station stayed with a large number of passengers. He heard the eight-year-old officers and soldiers, while sweeping snow, helping railway department personnel to maintain order, set a wild war tent, providing food and drinking water for the majority of passengers, six days and six nights, successively sending 10,000 passengers to train trains . Barnian has been commended to the national learning of Lei Feng volunteer service advanced collective, the military and civilian model unit, the military and civilian construction of the socialist spiritual civilization, the whole army’s grassroots construction advanced unit, Rongli Group, first-class work, two-class work, the team party The branch was rated nationwide to create a first-class party organization. President Xi Jinping praised "Nanjing Road, good eight elections" is a banner of our army, encourage eight officers and men to inherit and carry forward our military traditions, and always keep the people of the people. The leader is not strong, and Yin Yin has a war.

Eight-Lian officers and soldiers always in mind the chairman’s instructions, do not forget the initiative, gathering into the transformation. In 2017, on the occasion of the 54th anniversary of "Nanjing Road, I have a good eight", the company is transformed from the Motomotive Infantry Union to the Special Competence Unit.

Eight-Lian officers and soldiers go deep into remote islands, mountain hilhouses and southern jungles and other strange geographies, in complex environments.

They "aim at the first training, stare at weak items, look at the pointers", learn from the elite special forces training model at home and abroad, open the "elite selection, training, training, foreign profit, fusion cultivation" talent training The road, a group of professional proficients stand out.

Eight-Lian officers and soldiers took the lead in achieving a special battle level, 100% completed umbrella, and 100% completed millimeters.

In less than one year, the company completed the transformation from "Neon Senter" to "Special Warfare", and was commended by the Group Army as the grassroots construction model, and became a strong column stone that guarded the people’s security and maintaining social stability of Shanghai. (Chen Rong).