Tree planting green is just in the city to carry out tree planting activities

More than 100 greens are bluff, and it is broadcast in the empty area.

Digging pit, sapphire, filling soil … Event scene, everyone divided into cooperation, mutual cooperation, the entire tree planting scene presents a busy and orderly scene. Through hard work, a row of row-resistant anti-cold capacity has a strong white wax tree to become a beautiful scenery in the spring. Everyone has said that it is necessary to plant the responsibility awareness of forest and greening environment, always do a good job in the loyalty guards of Guoshou Shuijiao, continue to use, and create a long time, create "river, water, shore green, Jingmei Excellent environment. In order to promote the research and education of party history, Mingcheng County uses the tree planting action as the party history "I do practical things" to the masses "practice activities and practice the construction of ecological civilization, adhere to the organization, the party members take the lead, the masses Participation and other ways to grab the accommodation opportunity, set off the trendy trend to build a tree, with solid measures to create a green ecology. (Editor: Zhang Tingting, Zhang Linshan).