Beef powder into the army! Guiyang Huaxi District Army works in hand to promote the goods

People’s Network Guiyang November 16th, on November 15th, with the theme of "military land to join hands and exported to the mountain, military and civilian and civilian and civilian rural resolution" and Huaxi beef powder into the "货 进 进" APP launching ceremony Launched in Huaxi District, Guiyang City.

It is understood that in January this year, the "货 进 军" app released by the officers and soldiers in the military and soldiers in the military and soldiers.

The app reduces the cost of concentrated stocking, warehousing, preservation, logistics, etc., which has also established a "military price" to buy Guizhou local green agricultural and sideline products for the resident military officers and soldiers. channel.

Relying on Huaxi beef powder characteristic brand, in recent years, Huaxi District Government and people’s armed forces have created "two mountain speed cooking rice flour" products that are easy to store, transport and taste.

After the launching ceremony, the brand rice noodles will officially go to the "货 进 军" app. At the same time, Guizhou Double Mountain Brand Management Co., Ltd. will contribute to the district retired military aid to the fund. After the product settled, a single product per sold will be injected into the retired military care fund.

In addition, the national physical store will also implement free dining discounts in active soldiers, and launching the intelligent cooking robot to support the retired military entrepreneurship. Huaxi Beef Powder into the "Guizhou Jinjin Camp" APP, the transformation and upgrading of local enterprises, improved the improvement opportunities, and has strongly expanded the social security channel.

According to reports, the next step Huaxi District people will continue to excavate local specialty products, and actively integrate it into the innovative system engineering of "黔 黔 出 进 进 军" in the Guizhou Provincial Military Region, focus on strengthening military coordination and demand docking, and realizing the army Demand and market demand "win-win".

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