After a full hiccup,Shen Xiaoya put down the tableware in her hand,Said to Xiao Fan:“OK,Brother Xiao Fan,I’m full now,I’m full,What are you looking for,Just say it!”

Xiao Fan’s expression was slightly embarrassed,He knew he called Shen Xiaoya to come out,She will surely guess that she has another purpose。
as expected,This little girl movie,This is not after eating and drinking enough,I just asked my purpose bluntly。
Since someone is a little girl, she is very direct,So for a big man like Xiao Fan,Of course, there is no need to keep hiding。
after all,Before I came,Lin Yuna,Which is my dear wife,But gave an order to myself,I need to settle Liu Shanshan’s affairs quickly。
otherwise,She will always be worried。
Thought of here,Xiao Fan unconsciously felt sorry for his wife again in his heart,What’s going to happen to the Lin family today is enough to upset her,result,After Lin Yuna went to work,,She did not forget to send a message telling herself to handle Liu Shanshan’s affairs quickly。
otherwise,That girl really doesn’t know what to feel like?
Chapter Three Hundred and Thirty Seven I did not do that
“That one,Xiaoya,It looks like this,Do you remember the last time we two came here for dinner,The man I met!”Xiao Fan first tried to make Shen Xiaoya recall what happened that day,After all, only Shen Xiaoya remembered it,So he can keep talking about himself,Isn’t it?
“Which man?”Shen Xiaoya asked while holding a glass of juice。
Xiao Fan was speechless immediately,How forgetful is this Miss Shen family?,It’s only been a few days,So I forgot about it。
But,Defamation,Reminder or reminder,Who asked me to do things today?!
“It was when the two of us were eating in this box that day,A man broke in,Say don’t let you be fooled。”Xiao Fan didn’t dare to mention Song Haiyang’s accusation that Shen Xiaoya was a dog that day.,otherwise,Just with Shen Xiaoya’s temper,Most likely won’t help myself。