It’s because I was cheated when I was doing business,He was already angry,Then I gave someone a push,Then I started fighting。

There were a lot of people fighting back then,Su Chengxu had already slipped away when the official personnel came to control。
Logically,Although his behavior was bad,But it doesn’t mean that I will be traced for so many years.?Even if it wasn’t what Qin Feng said,He has forgotten such a thing。
The two agents behind Qin Feng didn’t talk nonsense with him,I was handcuffed and left。
Everything is so natural,Even Su Chengxu has no time to react。Other onlookers dare not stop!Su Chengxu is not from their village,Come on two,This agent is in uniform,With guns on back。They will do this makeup for unrelated personnel and
Uniformed detective conflict?Is this looking for death??
Su Chengxu started to explain after getting in the detective car,“Do not,It was just a misunderstanding。I accidentally kicked the opponent,I never thought that the other party would be seriously injured。Besides, I’m all gone,I didn’t know it would be so serious!”
But no one in the car responded to him。
the most important is,Those two agents were called by Qin Feng to help,That is to find any reason to arrest Su Chengxu,Now Su Chengxu is obviously scared。
Qin Feng must be much easier to do things。
Probably in a small crowd,Qin Feng opened the door,“get off!”
Su Chengxu felt baffled,But still obediently。After all, in his opinion,Qin Feng should be the captain of the detective team。
But what he didn’t expect is,Qin Feng actually handcuffed him,Then return everything to the two agents。The latter drove the car and left like this。
Till this moment,Many thoughts floated in Su Chengxu’s mind,Finally couldn’t help but say,“You are a liar?But it’s not right,You all caught me,This to the end.”
Su Chengxu can’t understand what happened even if he thinks of his broken head。
Fortunately, Qin Feng still saves face,Took a cigarette and handed it to the other party to light it,“You did commit a crime。But of course it can be pursued or not。”
Hear this,Su Chengxu thinks he understands what Qin Feng meant。
“You mean to say,Let me give some money to move?”