just,What did they hear?

That little guy,He said to bet,Betting that their Aoki team will win the first place?And his bet,It turned out to be four pieces of Tianzun equipment and two million yuan?
is this real?Is this really a joke??Everyone is at this moment,Can’t help but have questions。
but,Their doubts were quickly dispelled。
because,Liu Wenzhang turned on his equipment bar,Transition from hidden state to publicly visible state,And removed four pieces of Tianzun equipment from his body。
That is the real Tianzun equipment!And still four,Almost made up a suit!
This is Tianzun God City,Is the birthplace of Taoist profession,The most lacking is Taoist strong,Of course they can recognize it,That is the real Tianzun suit,Give off a little green,But contains infinite vitality。
That is the top equipment that Taoist profession dreams of,Just now I was worn on a level 37,The average fighter,This strong sense of contrast,Almost made many high-ranking Taoist priests present so depressed to vomit blood。
And now,Liu Wenzhang placed these four Tianzun equipment under his feet,Then he took out a pile of jade tickets from his arms,Shining in the sun。
That is a large jade ticket issued by God of War,There is a very unique light pattern energy fluctuation on it,No possibility of imitation。
And when Liu Wenzhang took out four pieces of Tianzun equipment,Everybody knows,Two million jade tickets,Absolutely impossible to be fake。
It’s like the super rich on earth,The watches they bring do not need to be authenticated,Others also believe that it must be genuine。
Suddenly,Many people present even paused for a second involuntarily.,Because most of them,I have never seen such luxurious equipment,Such a huge amount of wealth。
And now,These things are just in front of you,In front of the man who was just scolded like shit。
Many people can’t help but bit their lips tightly,Their attitude towards that guy,There is a big turning point of 180 degrees。
Because not just anyone has such great wisdom and courage,Dare to be in front of the high level of God,Did such an exaggeration。
In fact,Because they have too much wealth,Bet too heavy,So it’s impossible to bet at those betting points outside,Can only choose to use such a dangerous way,In front of tens of thousands,Directly in front of the three speakers,Force bet。
“Three princes!Dignified Tianzun God City,Are you afraid to take a bet??”Liu Wenzhang raised his voice and asked。
He asked,Many people’s hearts trembled,Hang up。