“Do not worry,It is basically the person who is also the people of Wang Jingwei Group.,They will rebellious in the morning and evening。”

“It is best to。”
“Small nine,Is the poisoning factory is not your dry??”Recently, the most sensational things are opium being robbed.,The poisoning factory was burned.,
“Really,I still want to ask you.。”
“Why is it so clever?,We want to get the poison,Someone is so moving with opium。”Zeng Ce still not believed in the eyes,
“I really don’t know this.,But I learned from Mao Chuanxiu and there.,Dry these things is a common guerrilla。”
“We also feel that,There is no such energy in other organizations.。”
“Brother,You don’t have a brother in a common party?,Let him check it out。”
“I have let him check it.,But he reply, I don’t know anything.,Not a nearby guerrillas。”
“So, is it true that the party is not sure?!”
“I am still letting my brother。”
“Some news told me。”
Qi Rui knows that he can’t find it.,Because I only enable Shen Xilin in Tianjin City,Activists are also outstanding warriors from the eight-way army for reconnaissance and guards.,So Tianjin local organization does not know this action at all。
Looking at Yuan San with a group of people smiled.。
“Long Pool Tajun!How do you think of taking a shower from Yuqing Pool??”
NS404chapter Miss Hui Zi is killed
Rui Rui and Zeng Ce, they all ensure that no one pays attention,Yuan San should be to see that he enters Yuqing Pool will be waiting here.。
“Yuan Sang,How are you here??”
“Long Pool Tajun,You forgot,I am in the Huaihai Theater next to this.,How can you take a shower here??”
“I heard that Yuqing Pool is a very famous bath.,You should know that our Japanese people like to take a bath,So let’s take a look at your Chinese bath culture。”
“Where is our China’s bathrobes better than yours of Japan Empire?,I must let you laugh.?”
“Do you have anything??”Qi Rui,
“Long Pool Tajun,I heard that you have a good relationship with Donghua Outcomic.?”
“I have a relationship with Shen Boss.,Is there anything you need?”Rui Rui has now guess that he is planning to buy opium,Because these days Tianjin a lot of inventories have been used,Half of poisonous factory due to raw materials。
“Long Pool Tajun,Can you ask you to move to me??”
“I still have something,What do you have?。”
“Long Pool Tajun,I want you to talk to Shen Boss,We also want to buy some opium from him.。”
“You want to buy opium to find the boss directly.,Why come find me?。”
“But the poppies of the sinkboard is only sold to big households.,I can’t see this.。”
Rui Rui is difficult:“Shen Boss will make business,He is very clear to cooperate with anyone.,I pointed to him.,I don’t dare to finger the hand in front of him.,Yuan San,You still go to him directly.。”
“do not,Long Pool Tajun,You will help me with my sincerity.,As long as you can let Shen Board sell me some goods,I have a thank you。”
I’m so rushed to Yuan San or a master who didn’t see the rabbit.,It’s been thank you.,This bastard is not looking for unlucky yourself.,So I laughed:“What I like most is to thank this sentence.,Can,I will help you talk to Shen boss.,Then I want to hear what you plan to thank me.?”
“Long Pool Tajun,You like beauty, I will send you beauty.,I like antiques I will help you find antiques.,how?”
“Yuan Sang,You should know that my favorite is money。”
“Money is also said。”