“There is a Zhang Zhiqiang in the Zhang family,Opened a jade pull finger,Released a big monster,You have time to ask this person in person,What a big movement?How can officials allow him?”Li Tianchou reached out and pointed at the man in black。

Li Wu Bilingual,Sigh,Waved his hand to signal some men to let the way。
“Jia Chou,Don’t act rashly!I’m‘Lord of Seven Flames’!”Li Tianchou rushed into the cave with a swish。
But it’s still a step too late,I only heard the gunshots deep in the cave,Li Tianchou’s heart was pumped,Stumbling forward desperately,I don’t know how much Jia Chou’s magical powers are left?So intense gunfire,I’m afraid I can’t keep my life,Poor Temple Samurai First Team Class,He only saw two people,But none of them stayed。
Bang,The cave is shaking so much,Dense smoke chokes people, smoke is hard to breathe,The front seems to have collapsed again。
Chapter Seven Hundred and Seventy Six negligence
Turned a bend,The cave in front really collapsed,But only half of it collapsed,I can see a lot of flashlights shaking,The people who have entered the cave are already cleaning up,Li Tianzhi immediately cleaned up the rubble,He sensed that Jia Chou was below,And there is still life,Shen Yingjie immediately followed to help,I even forgot the basic vigilance。
“who,raise your hand,move back!”Someone has climbed over the gravel pile,I found Li Tianzhu,Raised the gun immediately,Flashlight into the eyes of people,Can’t see at all,Shen Yingjie got hot first,She also has a gun in her hand,“What’s wrong?Put the gun down!”
The man was taken aback,It’s so dangerous that I almost pulled the trigger,I suffered a big loss just now,Several brothers were buried,Naturally,And the other party actually has a gun in his hand!
Shen Yingjie is about to make a decisive move,Several people crawled over behind this person,Everyone holds automatic weapons,The torch is slightly crooked,Shen Yingjie sees clearly,They wore training uniforms without any badges,Is indeed the base person,So relieved,Loudly,“Own person,Guoan!”
“Put the gun down!”Who knows these people don’t listen to her at all,A gun warning,Several other people gathered to take down Shen Yingjie on the spot。
Loud bang,Shen Yingjie fired a shot at the sky,She got messed up,Show that the status is still treated like this,Bully?Seeing that the gun is out of control,Suddenly ouch,The guy with the gun warning fell to the ground,The others are just about to make further moves,Was hit by flying rocks one by one,Not injured and fell,The gun in his hand was smashed open,Naturally Li Tianzhen’s handwriting,Shen Yingjie took the opportunity to grab the gun。
“stop,Stop!”A familiar voice came,A few people climbed up the pile of rocks,One of them is Mijia,“Is Yingzi you??stop it now!”
“what?”As soon as the instructor finished speaking, he saw Li Tianzhen,This accident is not small,He once suspected that Shen Yingjie’s disappearance near the base was related to Li Tianzhi,But no basis,But unexpectedly it was this guy。
“Please,It’s important to save people first,I’ll talk about it later,There is still live below。”Li Tianzhen quickly grabbed the stone with both hands,Although he is reluctant to see the instructor and others again,But Jia Chou still has a silver lining,He can’t give up,Can’t just leave like this。