The case is a self-cultivation of the veterinarian webmaster who is smoked by quarantine.

"There are more and more money sent by people, I also have incorrectly, and my thoughts are paralyzed.

The psychological defense is a step-by-step breakthrough … "Zhao Chunlili, a stationmaster, the agricultural rural bureau of Suining County, Jiangsu Province, Zhao Chunlin, director of the County Animal Health Supervision Soli Division.

On April 15, 2020, the Commission of Commission for Discipline Inspection and Commission for Discipline Inspection of Zhao Chunlin conducted initial nuclear.

Zhao Chunlin conscious paper will not live fire, take the initiative to the county discipline committee supervision committee to post the agricultural rural bureau discipline inspection and supervision team, and then take an indwelling measures by the Commission of Commission for Discipline Inspection. This uncovering the quarantine personnel of Zhao Chunlin as an animal quarantine organ, accept bribery, smuggling of malpractice, and false trajectories for quarantine results.

"I have been doing a lot of money" "" Bribes were arrested to happen to others, they did it, they did not be investigated, there was a lucky psychology. "Zhao Chunlin honestly said to the staff. He also knows this. It is a criminal act, but there is still a lucky mind, thinking that I have a certificate, will not be known, will not happen.

From March 2019 to March 2019, Zhao Chunlin became the official veterinary veterinary veterinarian of Luoqiao. In order to seek private interests, it is useful to have a state of quarantine in the jurisdiction of Luoqiao. Quarantine pigs do not meet the conditions certified by animal quarantine, 46 illegal open animal quarantine certificates, resulting in illegal transfer of 6018 born pigs, 5884 heads flow into the market. "I have no way to refuse" "Why do you want to violate the relevant provisions of the issued quarantine certificate as a certificate of animal quarantine in the dispensing of Hanmou?"

"I have more than 20 years with the feet, and the relationship has always been good. When he invited me to help, I have been in the case of violating the provisions for falsifying the quarantine certificate to him.

In addition, Feaves, Han, I will send me money when I help I will send it, because I accept the cash and gifts they sent, and they invite me to help I don’t know, I have no way to refuse.

"Zhao Chunlin said with a truth.

After investigation, from March 2017 to March 2020, Ren Luoqiao Veterinary Station, the head of Luoqiao Veterinary Station, Zhao Chunlin, director of the Luoqiao Division, using the position to facilitate the daily supervision of the scale farm of Luoqiao jurisdiction. The pig is given care of the production site quarantine and issued an animal quarantine certificate, and the cash sent by Huang Moumou, Li, Han, and Fei Mou, a total of RMB 182,500. As a official veterinarian, "the standard to improve the money" is the physical health of the country, which is responsible for the health of the people, and is responsible for the health of the people and the people.

Zhao Chunlin reluctant to smoke, take the right to transaction. In October 2019, Fei Moumou has 500 yuan for Zhao Chunlin, a total of 2500 yuan. Zhao Chunlin said that if you do not drag your car to give him quarantine, it will not be issued. It turned out that according to the regulations, Luoqiao division has no right to quarantine in the foreign pig, and pigs in the home home should be in accordance with the principle of "a car". The bridge, let Zhao Chunlin have proved that the pigs were certified for him. In order to do a good relationship, Feaved a major "plus money" will increase the amount of money to 1000 yuan. During African swine fever, the development of the issuance is strict, the risk is bigger, Zhao Chunlin has become more cautious, fear of problems, and Feel a certain technique, and will increase the money to the money to 1500 yuan, Zhao Chunlin photo list The deformed principles of the right money transactions are exposed.

"Intermittent resumption" "" I was very fear before I was not taken to the indwellplace, but I still explained some of the criminal facts in organizational.

During the indwelling conversation, I was very afraid of my heart. At that time, I was lucky, and the question was disconnected, and there was no one to say clearly. "Zhao Chunlin learned that the county discipline committee supervision and commission of the discipline of discipline, worried that he was organized by the issue of bribery, and he was organized by telephone to contact Han, allowing it to conceal the relevant situation and confronted the organization.

Zhao Chunlin took the initiative to invest in January 22, 2020, which is intended to mix the way through some questions. After many education leaders leaders, Zhao Chunlin recognizes the seriousness of their own problems, and it is true for violations of law.

On September 29, 2020, Xiangning County People’s Court sentenced Zhao Chunlin in prison for nine months in prison for accepting bribes and plants and plant quarantine, and fined RMB 180,000.

(纪 宣 || Responsible Editor Xu Menglong) (Editor: Wang Hao, Liang Qiping).