The first case of the Yangtze River Triangle "Too convenient"

  "From 8 am, I have seen 15 patients now, and there is still half of patients.

"Recently, Ma Xiong, chief physician, the duty department of Renji Hospital, Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine, took a moment of clinic, and the reporter went on. This is a special outpatient – he is located in Pudong New Area. , and Yan Chai hospital of Ningbo, 150 kilometers outside the hospital to achieve a "cloud clinic." hotel experts isolation January 21, Yan Chai hospital West hospital implemented a closed-loop management of heart patients registered, and coincides with the day before Wednesday, horse-hung in West Branch There is a clinic. In accordance with prevention and control, he must accept 14 days of isolation observation.

  According to reports, there are more than a dozen experts who are incorporated in closed-loop management like Mastrove. "We must actively cooperate with relevant regulations of the isolation observation, but the heart is concerned about the patients who have hung up numbers: Most of the sources are more tense, while also worrying that the patient’s diagnosis can be delayed.

"Ma Xiong is roughly estimated," I have a clinic at Renji Dongyuan, and the western house will have an outpatient in the Western House. There are about more than 90 patients. Isolated 14 days, approximately more than 360 consultations. "Don’t make it, Ma Xiong is still a special daemon in Ningbo Hospital in Renji Hospital in Hangzhou Bay. If it is not delayed by the epidemic, the last outpatient time of the original plan is January 22." Local in Shanghai Many old patients have established many years of contact with me, and the patient’s group is also mature; and Ningbo’s patient has only one face clinic opportunity per month, and it is also a comfort that doctors will be a kind of comfort.

"For this reason, Ma Xiong will apply to the hospital: Under the premise of the local doctor’s seat, he joined the consultation through the line and jointly provided a diagnosis and treatment plan for the patient.

  In this way, "Two-on-one" see a doctor, two demonstrations, for the current "cloud hospital" short board, Renji Hospital, Ningbo Hospital, launched the first innovation of the "Cloud Outpatient" service. The so-called innovation, that is, the patient is accompanied by the hospital specialist, and the expert is visual and visited by experts, and the expert online, the assistant physician and the patient’s online "two-to-one" high-ascior-related service.

  "This ‘cloud clinic" makes me see the master of Ma, very happy! "Ms. Qin said," We are old, sometimes the mobile phone is registered, the appointment is too trouble, you need a home for children. Now this’ cloud Outpatient ‘doesn’t have to operate mobile phones, it is too convenient; don’t have to go to Shanghai, I just want to come to the hospital to register, the picture is very clear! "In addition to the face-to-face, wireless 5G video can help Mastroke call the patient’s CT and laboratory report. It is reported that in addition to Ma Xiong, there are also many experts from the "Clouds Clinic" source, less than a few hours, more than three or four times faster than usual. Renji Hospital Ningbo Hospital Party Committee Secretary, Executive Dean, the deputy secretary of the Renji Hospital There is no obstacle "face-to-face" during time. Renji Hospital Ningbo Hospital will also use the "Medical Community + Close Clinic" in the future, and further explore social medical new types of visits, providing new ideas for Hushe and Zhejiang and the long triangle medical care.

Xia Qiang, secretary of the party committee of Renji Hospital, said that this "cloud clinic" solves the regional problem, the normalization of the epidemic prevention and control work, provides innovative exploration for the Shanghai-Nang cooperation doctor. (Reporter Huang Yangzi) Responsible Editor: Daiyi Festival.