Chang Sanzhai Campus launched the "Strive for New Times Good Youth" theme series activities

This event selection in the range of the whole school, through the self-registration of the young pioneers, the selection of the squadrons, the number of the first queues of the school, and finally selection of three new era of new school levels, respectively, three (5) clanquet畅 同学, four (3) class Wu Yuzhen classmates and six (6) class Han Yuxi classmates, they will represent the school to participate in the new era of new era.

The school promotes three new era of good boy’s deeds through a variety of ways.

At the team meeting, the students learned the advanced deeds of new era with the new era of a good boy in the form of storytelling and PPT, these classmates have excellent, deeds, showing new era young people love party patriotism, self-reliance, hard work The spiritual style of the go of good, and the classmates have established a good example in the hearts of the students. At the same time, the school also uses the form of promotional columns and broadcasts, and promotes the advanced deeds of the three students, and better play the role of demonstration. Incentive to guide us every young pioneer, Chongde to be good, see the sizzing .