After 90, the guy Shang Qijie: I am in the village

The picture shows the wall of Xiaoyu Village. Wang Zirui (the people’s Visual) In the late autumn season, Xiaoyu Village, Zhangcun Township, Huixian City, Henan Province, Shang Qijie stood on the scaffolding, hand holding the watering can to launch the oil to the wall, attracting the villagers. "This is an anime style wall painting. It is the idyllic animal husbandry scene. It can be done in one or two days.

"Shang Qijie said. Shang Qinjie is a 90, after graduation, he was working in the field, and his amateur love painted.

In May 2019, he returned to his hometown and invited a "passenger string" painted wall painting in the village in the students.

At first, he is just a picture, and later, I’ve adhered to the interest.

  In terms of wall painting content, different pastoral style, Shang Qinjie feel, to make the wall painting in the village more fashionable, more interesting, village also gave him full creation space.

In this way, a live flexible work is on the wall.

  Unexpectedly, painting and painting Xiaoyu Village will "fire". The village spontaneously shot these wall paintings, shared from a circle and short video platform, and slowly attracted visitors nearby villages and even foreign countries. Among the tourists, they have been specially taking pictures with the wall painting, and there is also to watch the country scenery, and there are also visiting the study of the village wall painting project.

  With the spread of special walls, the popularity of the village is getting more and more prosperous. At first, there were so many people in the village, and the villagers were still not suitable. Slowly, the lives of villagers have also changed. In addition to their own walls, there are more and more tourists who come to take pictures, and the villagers put the snack cabinets, start small restaurants, and they are very popular; village specializes in parking lot, which is convenient for tourists to visit. The passenger traffic in the village has gone, and the villagers have seen more space. The village intends to build a homestanding homestay, catering, forming a integrated tourism model.

  "During this year’s Spring Festival, there is more than 2,000 yuan in turnover." Talking about the change of the village, the villagers who open the small soldiers Zhao Haiqing are quite satisfactory. She said, in addition to the business is booming, relatives and friends come to visit, saying that Xiaoyu Village is beautiful.

  Today, in the short video platform, Search Shang Qinjie’s network name "big new" can see many of his creation, there are hundreds of thousands of points. Some netizens said: "Can you also give us a village painting?"

"The villagers are struggling to invite Family to paint, and Shang Qijie promised one by one.

Now, the wall of Xiaoyu Village has completed more than 80%, and Shangqin wants to complete, rush to other villages. Will you paint in the village in the future? For this problem, Shangqin has planned: "I originally painted play, but I painted the value of this work, I will put the rural walls as a career to continue, bring the wall painted to more Many villages make people love the countryside. "Looking at the country is getting more beautiful, more and more recognition, Shang Qinjie feels very accomplishment. Not just a wall painting, many aspects of the village have changed.

Before Xiaoyu Village, Mud Road turned into a clean cement road, the village of villages was neat, and many villagers also decorated their houses more beautiful.

  Xiaoyu Village is a natural village, belonging to Dawangzhuang Village.

Shi Lei, the first secretary of Dawangzhuang Village, said that there were not many people in Xiaoyun Village, and the foreigners were rare. Now Xiaoyu Village is more and more popular, and there is a title of "colorful painting".

Today, the village is building a cultural project such as the insect museum. "The afternoon to the family to eat, just picked the melon.

"There is a job in Niqin, and a work of Shangqin is to be completed, the passing Madai invited him." Someone already invited me to eat cage.

"Shang Qijie laughed and responded, in the hands of the moment, painted more beautiful rural scrolls with the brush.

(Reporter Bi Jingjin).