Securities firm concept stocks are rapidly gaining; IFC Securities rises over 5%

Securities firm concept stocks are rapidly gaining; IFC Securities rises over 5%

In early trading today, the concept stocks of brokerage firms strengthened rapidly. Eventually, the state-run securities rose 5.

22%, Shanxi Securities, Huatai Securities, CITIC Securities, Zhongyuan Securities, Dongxing Securities, Guoyuan Securities, Haitong Securities, China Merchants Securities and other stocks have good performance.

  According to Ping An Securities’ analysis, the cumulative turnover of the stock market in the two cities in 2018 was US $ 30104 million.

The current margin of margin trading and short selling is 10032.

20ppm, since the beginning of the year, the 杭州桑拿网 securities firm’s equity pledge model (the underlying market value of unsecured transactions) is 3394.

900 million yuan.

  From the current point of view, the securities industry has only one.

5 times PB, looking forward to the whole year of 2018, it is expected that the industry will still be fully regulated, but the market expects that the policy is fully adequate, and the regulation may bring about a situation of marginal improvement.

Under the policy of expanding direct financing, implementing a quasi-rich country access policy, guiding the orderly entry of various long-term funds into the market, and advancing the Shanghai-London Stock Connect, the capital market will continue to expand and the development of securities brokers’ innovative businesses, and policy dividends for industry development will still exist.

Under the 四川耍耍网 guidance of the regulatory body to encourage “supporting the best and limiting the bad”, large securities firms have transformed into adequate capital, strong risk control and innovation capabilities, and have obvious advantages in competition, especially in innovative businesses such as the external budget of the initial securities market and recent CDR.Under the stimulus of the pilot, the leading securities firms were stimulated by the favorable policies to obtain excess returns in the short term.

In the future, the Matthew effect of the industry will be more obvious.

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