For this,Xia Chenglong can only remain silent。

Is it possible for him to say,I am one of the six thrones of the military,Coming here is just a disguise,I want to find out if Tujia hid a woman?
I guess no one believes it。
“My father is also a warrior,These are all he taught me,But the spirit beast attacked our village,My father and most of the people in the village are gone。”
Qi Chong rolled his eyes,I still believed,I’m killed now and I won’t believe such nonsense。
Although Xia Chenglong acted like a countryman,But as long as it enters the fighting state,It’s exactly the same as changing a person,The kind of momentum that leads the way among the thousands,It’s not something ordinary people can pretend。
“Brother Qi,You just have to remember,No matter who i am,You can be my brother Qi!”
“it is good,Brothers,I got it,anyway,I’m all your brother Qi!”
The next few days will be prepared for the joint conference,After all, this is not a small division,Is the entire union and other forces。
The people above have already held a meeting for them,In any case, don’t let the others be too arrogant。
Although the union has always been the bottom,But I still hope that the people below can make progress。
For this,Xia Chenglong disagrees,He just needs a springboard to get into the eyes of those big people,As for whether these companies are the first in strength,Have nothing to do with him。
Everyone chatted for a while,Xia Chenglong went upstairs to rest alone,Then I saw the bath water and daughter-in-law in the room,My gratitude to Yingzi is even stronger。