Everyone who is close to hear looks at her。

It looks like looking at a panda,unfortunately,Everyone looks at the giant panda with passion and love,Look at her like Cangsheng……
How can one fail to this point?
Tao Zhenzhen gave a polite but awkward smile,“Ersao,I didn’t hold it just now,Say again,We are already more than a meter away,Can’t hit you,You don’t have to be afraid。”
My neighbor Aunt Li is an enthusiastic person,She is really particular about Tao Zhen secretly,But when she faces you,Also the most passionate。
“Needn’t?Seeing that you are at home, the guy who is spoiled and pampered is not working,Don’t underestimate this sharp pick,Make it difficult,It will be biased for a while,Come,I teach you……”
Tao Zhen is really smart,Learn a lot of things,Know the trick,Test a few times,Except because the pick is too heavy to hold,Other things are fine。
just,She was embarrassed when she was cutting the floor。
I don’t know how deep the freezing is here,Her strength is small,In the first few shots, there was no trace on the ground。
but,Tao Zhen is really a man who refuses to admit defeat。
Others can do it,She’s not bad。
She sullen her head and said nothing,Swinging a pick,a bit,Double click,Three times……
Stop and rest for a while,Before continuing。