“it is good,Egongling is the only way from Qinghe Town to Longxi Village。”

Sun Zhenchi shouted:“All,I set off at Egongling!”
Come out from the north gate of Qinghe Town,Go around,Da Niu is constantly spurring Da Qing Niu to run fast,For fear of being overtaken by people from the Broadsword Society。
Chen Xiu lying on the bullock cart,Blown by the evening breeze,His wine has sobered up a bit,I also secretly felt that I was too reckless to kill in the street。
I can’t see Sun Zhenyi,Can start secretly。
Kill Sun Zhenyi in the street like now,Also involved Daniel。
I am not afraid of big swords and will have many people,Can’t beat at most one run away,Daniel is a native of Qinghe Township,But it’s easy to be revenge by the big swordsmen!
“Call out!”
Suddenly the big cow called to stop the big blue cow in the Mercedes,Chen Xiu stood up and asked:“big cow,What happened?”
“Chen……Brother Chen,You just run,leave me alone……”
Chen Xiu followed Daniel’s gaze,I saw that the sixteen horses lined up murderously,Take a closer look,Everyone is full of energy,I’m afraid they are all above the Ninth Stage True Qi cultivation base。