Heart failure patients stopped,Rescue is poor,Still actively carry out heart and lung recovery,The sooner the rescue time, the higher the success rate.。

Unless at the end of the heart failure,A breathing heartbeat stop,Patient refused to reject the inhabitant treatment,Talented to the specific situation。
The whole judgment process is in the past.30second,He knows that he can never delay the patient’s rescue timing!It is still a few minutes from the time of the ambulance.!In this few minutes, Zhouwei knows that it is very important for the patient.!
He sighed,Hard scalp directly went to the heart and lung recovery of his hundreds of years.!Cardiopulmonary recovery stepCBA,Headache!
He quickly opened the old man!
Then it is cleaned the nose secretion,Finally, the airway is prevented from being blocked with the tip raid method.。
Zhou Ye immediately made a chest heart pressure。
He is facing the chest,Sternal12Place,Hand palm,Ten fingers,After the upper body, the double wall is straight.,Vertical down,Force、Some rhythm begins to quickly press!
Lower pressure depth4-5CM,Pressing frequency100Second minute!These things, Yinwu, no longer forget!So he tries to improve his speed.!
Zhou Ye wrote the standard step of heart and lung recovery,Pressing quickly。
Finish30After the chest is pressed,He used the nostrils or lips that were chunk with left hand,Then take a big tone,Quickly blow it to the patient’s mouth……After doing two or three groups,The autonomous breathing of the old man is finally improved.!
And the old lady next to it has been crying,Emotion seems to be very rushing,Mouth,“Old man,do not go,you left,What can I do this??”
Patients with heart failure need to stay quiet when rescue,See this scene,Zhou Ye is also can’t hold it.,Straightforward:“Shut up,The old man is quiet,You don’t want him to die.,Hurry with me to help him on the chair。”
quiltISuddenly this,The old lady starts in the beginning.,But after a while,The rush of emotions seems a bit changed.。
Zhou Ye immediately angered:“hurry up,I am a doctor,With me!”
The old lady listened to Zhou Yewu is a doctor.,Hurry and wipe your tears and Zhou Jiyu together to help the old man on the chair。
Don’t say,This old man is still heavy!
Zhou Ye did three groups of heart and lung recovery,This is panting,Now it’s alive.!
NS81chapter Emergency Department Li Qifeng
Zhou Ye I stared at the old man,Carefully observe his face。
Old people mouth,Is it still in an oxygen?!
“It should be able to120Ambulance people come over。”Zhou Ye,But in fact, I also worry about it.。
These groups of heart and lung recovery past,AgaintDo not live,That’s really weak.!
It is really insufficient to complete the drug rescue for family medical conditions.,Now he can do the relevant family rescue methods.,The three groups of cardiopulmonary recovery are already his physical limit.!Press and hold it.!
“Tianfeng People’s Hospital120perhaps1It can be reached within minutes.。”Zhou Ye went to look at the eye watch,At the same time comforting the old lady。
The old people have been helped by him.,This is also a reason for the chair.,Because of heart failure patient takes a sitting position,Double lower extremitter,Can reduce blood volume,Symptoms of heart failure!
Now this family medical conditions are not,Don’t think about any diuretics?,Can only try to reduce the patient’s heart failure symptoms。
“So be it。”Zhou Niwu finished all things above,I finally fell to the ground。
And with the sound of a broken door,120The doctor and nurses of the ambulance have been lifted up.。
120Doctor also called a doctor,Dedicated120Rescue patient and handling patient,That middle-aged and car doctor seems to be in the eyes of Yes,Old wife again,I didn’t say anything.,Turn the old man to the wheelchair,Then quickly carry the elevator。
Rescue time is unfortunate!Zhou Ye did not dare to plus it.,Get the departure of the elderly,At this time, the door is followed by a nurse.,Let the family of the elderly have also on the bus!Convenient to understand the condition!
The nurse looked at the old lady and Zhou Ye:“Are you all family members??Who knows the condition,Hurry up and get on the bus,Don’t delay。”
The old lady is still in the world.,Although the heart and lung recovery,Zhou Ye screamed her,She is slightly restored,But look at the old Agong120The moment taken away from the doctor,This instant is rushing again.!
What can I cry?!The old lady is too lyrical.,Who is going to live?Just asked a fart history!
Zhou Ye is shook his head helplessly。
That follow the car nurses all over the body of Zhou Ye:“Are you a patient’s family??”
It’s all the neighbors who meet the first time.!Zhou Ye went straight:“I am not my family,I am a neighbor,I can’t see the old man.,Come to save him。”
Nurses“Oh”A sentence,Also look at the old lady,“Grandmother,What is the situation?,You don’t know,If you know, you will get on the bus.,Don’t delay time。”