“Gao Caoyu seems good color,But he is very principled。You wait for him to act.,You have to take the initiative。”

“Women can’t be too honest.,Ascend,do you know?”
These words,Like magic sounds,Surround in Zheng Minmin。
“Alang can no longer replace clothes.,This dress up,A little bit。”
I used to be the family’s Miss,Zheng Minmin has never dressed as this。
“Don’t talk more,You are a toolman today.。”
Gao Bao is satisfied with nodding。
Two people go out of the door,Bamboo pole looked at Zheng Minmin,Expose“Sure enough”Expression,Then lead two people in the mouth of the alley.。
All the way,Zheng Minmin wanted to speak several times,They are all in the eyes of Gao Baoyi.。
“usually,How do you want to dress up with you?。But today,you have to listen to me。”
Zheng Minmin is full of terrible thoughts,Rate,Gao Bo Yi wants yourself“gift”,Give another weight?
Subsequently, I feel unlikely.。If the Gao Yang is still alive,This guess may have no problem。but,Gao Biyi is already the biggest big in Qi.,Don’t need to please。
There is no need to drink your own woman.。
Fullness,From 邺 邺 城,Passing,To the city,After entering the city, all the way to the secluded,Finally, stopped at the door of a small garden.。
Zheng Minmin, carefully,The palm is sweaty。
“I have never used you as a play,Confident。”
Gao Bao said softly,Take out handkerchief,Wipe the sweat on the head of Fortress。
Gently knock on the door,Soon the door open,An old servant full of white hair appears in front of the two。The man saw Gao Baoyi,I am busy,Pick a head for Gao Baoyi。
“Get up,How is anyone?。”
Gao Bao is calm and indifferent。
“Start to supervise,Old slaves have been looking at your heart,Everything is innocent。”
Gao Bao gives Zheng Minmin make a look,Two people go into。
Yard,A young pregnant woman with a big belly,Growing down the yard。Her facial features are different from the Central Plains,Although the body is subject to pregnancy,But the pair of long and thin legs,As can be seen。
This woman is not pregnant,Absolutely a hot girl。
Zheng Minmin seems to have some understanding,Why is Gao Bo Yi to make yourself dress up and go out?。If the gray face is like,That is not a person who lost his greetings。
“Sensitive,This is the princess,Wooden pole sweaty palm pearl,Amina。”
Zheng Minmin unexpectedly saw Gao Baoyi,Ambitious。Even the whisper of the princess is big by Gao Boyi.,This man is a bit amazed.!
“Oh?you look like,It seems not ordinary person,Do you have Gao Boyi??”
Amina jade looks like Zheng Minmin,Connected in the eyes。
NS1274chapter Solenity
See A Shi Naz,Zheng Minmin knows what is called“Gas field”。Although the other party is just a pregnant woman,But in Zheng Minmin.,Just like a female wolf。
It is full of wild in the eyes。
She also slowly returned to God,A Shizuz is not a woman with Gao Baoyi,And it is probably being captured when he was fighting.。
really,Just like Gao Bao,She is a toolman today.。
“Amina,Mingyue on the grassland,Yanming Express。If I don’t bring this beauty,I really don’t dare to speak in front of you.。”
Gao Baoyi’s words,In impressive, A Shiza is worthy of this leather.,Really the tiger,It’s nothing at all.。
“You don’t know me.,Can you take a good thing??”