Who can think of it,Just rely on them,Can actually be without harming one person,Complete one without riskATask,This is simply impossible,But they really did it。

For a time,These twelve military students,Everyone is happy,pride、proud、proud,confidence,Various emotions have surfaced。
Cao Wen stood by,I have mixed feelings inside,She didn’t expect to be under the guidance of Teacher Lu,The students can really accomplish this almost impossible thing,Compared with the generous rewards given by the military region,She felt,More importantly, Lu Lin is already in the hearts of these students,Sowed a seed called self-confidence。
After this battle,The twelve military students succeeded in the challenge,This powerful confidence,Will be with them for a long time,And this is the important quality that a real strong man must possess。
What magic does this surnamed Lu have,Can do this kind of thing!Cao Wen thought to herself。
At this time,Even she has to admit,Lu Lin is actually a very good teacher,Although his teaching method is extreme,But it is really effective。
Just see these firm and confident faces,See the excellence of these students,You know Teacher Lu’s teaching ability。
“Why don’t those bugs attack you?”at this time,The students suddenly heard someone’s slightly gloomy voice nearby,And asked in a cautious tone。
Chapter Seven Hundred and Fifty Eight Induced mutation
The questioner is Major Maosen,His eyes flicker,Seems to be thinking about something。
Technical problem,As the executor, of course He Bu can’t answer。He just said honestly:“I do not know either。It just feels like those wasps don’t pay much attention to me。”
“He brought royal jelly with him,Those bees can smell the same smell,Of course he won’t attack him。”At this moment,Lu Menglin smiled and answered。