Xia Shuyue picked up the newspaper and read it,What is written in the newspaper and what is shown on TV are completely different,All negative reports,After reading the newspaper,Anyone would think she was a***。

Xia Shuyue is so angry,Smash the newspaper to the ground,“what?Who wrote it?Too much!”She is really mad,Spent 50,000 yuan to go out,This is the effect。
Xia Qiuping is also dumbfounded,Does my sister know nothing?,Looking at her questioningly。
“my business,Just leave it alone,In short,Tell your parents,I’m fine,These are misunderstandings,Do you think i would do this?”Xia Shuyue can’t explain。
“My parents let me come,You think i want to take care of your business?”Xia Qiuping is still angry。
Xia Shuyue renews tea for sister,“Something went wrong,But it’s different from what you think,It’s not that serious,I’m fine。”
“Parents said,Want me to take you back,My company wants you to lose money,Our family tried to get together,Take your business,Go back to test a civil servant,Go to work honestly,A college student,became***,Mom and Dad are going to be angry。”Xia Qiuping drank some water,Not as excited as before。
“Those are all scribbled by reporters,Shady inside,I can’t explain it all at once,In short,I’m doing well now,I won’t go back,Why go back,I want to stay in the city,Chart a good development。”Xia Shuyue shook his head。
“What a fart!”Xia Qiuping just calmed down,I got angry again after hearing what my sister said,“what time is it now,You’re still sleeping,No job,You are so embarrassed to say that you are doing well?”
Xia Shuyue can’t speak,I can’t even tell my sister,Had to divert the subject,“correct,My brother-in-law is okay?”
“Forget him,We are getting divorced,Days passed。”Xia Qiuping turned her face to one side,Hidden tears。
“Don’t be sad,It’s my fault,”Xia Shuyue moved over,Holding Xia Qiuping,“sister,You stay with me for a few days,I’ll go back with you when I finish my work。”
“I still have to work,You go back with me today。”Xia Qiuping shook her head and refused。
“You saw it all,I have held a press conference,Fight them to the end,I can’t go now,I have to deal with Fangmei’s affairs before leaving。”Xia Shuyue said。
Xia Qiuping took the money out of the bag,cash,30,000 yuan,Put on the table,“This is the money my parents and I collected for you,Hold it first,Not enough, let’s find a way。”