Yangliu didn’t look up when he sent coffee this time,The coffee cup is not in Huo Yunhe’s hand,Put down the coffee and turn around and leave,I don’t even have a pure smile anymore,Don’t tune him at all-Opportunity to play。

Haven’t reached the door yet,Huo Yunhe caught up,Big hand holding her wrist,One spin,I fell in his arms,Strong arms around her body,Make her immobile。
Gloomy eyes fixed on her eyes,Touch her face with one hand,Feel the delicate skin,Rub one hand on her waist,“What to run?I can eat you?”
The man’s voice is dull,With indescribable charm Confusion got into her ears,Yangliu is used to his intimacy from time to time,Will not pretend to be hypocritical,but,So many people pay attention outside,She doesn’t want to give talks every time。
Push left and right,I couldn’t break free of his bondage,The hand on her cheek slowly stroked her lips,Detailed description,“Yiyi,Why your face is red,Body temperature is slightly higher,Are you thinking of something inappropriate for children??”
Yangliu looked serious and played flow Rogue man,Too angry to speak。
The smile in the eyes of men becomes more obvious,tease Get more excited,“Yiyi’s face is not red,Yes Show off,Did something unspeakable happen??”
Men are getting too much,The action becomes more ambiguous,She is not a little girl who knows nothing,What do you want her to say?
I really thought he was a good man who was not close to women,Turned out to be an old driver!
Man’s body temperature is very high,Yangliu felt like he fell into a big stove,Never go out,It’s about to burn,“You let me go,Can’t you speak well??”
“Did I not speak well??”The little woman in her arms is like a little cat,Huo Yunhe couldn’t help but chuckle,“Yiyi,You are beating back。”
Thicker than him,Willow Gan worships the wind,It’s been a while since she came in,I’m going to be laughed at again,“Yunhe,Let me go,is it okay?”
Hard can’t come soft,Yangliu begged for mercy and acted like a baby,I don’t know it’s what a man wants!
A charming woman in her arms,Let his adrenaline surge,Can’t help but lower your head,Lips slowly close to her lips,Stick to it,But not really touching,It’s so imaginative。
The man’s warm breath hit her face,Itchy and hot,The man’s actions are even more ambiguous,Made her heart surging。