In an instant, the three of them were on alert,It’s impossible to go back the same way,Can only kill in one fell swoop。

And that is, when they act alertly,There was applause not far away。
“I said that China’s military mobility is the best you,Do you believe it now?”
Behind many protective shields,The equator clapped and said,After the voice fell,It seems that it’s not particularly safe to hide behind the shield,After the equator returned to the bunker。
And this action is like a signal,They didn’t wait for the order,Someone shot them at Shan You。
“Be careful,Don’t hurt the computer!”
The equator warned,But in the rain of bullets,Those monitors are already fragmented。
“Do not worry,I have backed up!”
Robinson gave the equator a smile that made him relieved。
How can Shan You believe them without showing his face?The plan given by Evincent is to put the real data of Super God Potion on it.!
Make this decision in Evincent,And also know Ivincent’s casual personality,Robinson has backed up all the data。
Quietly gave Robinson a thumbs up,The heart hanging on the equator is half down。
“Have you told him?Don’t put yourself a betrayal hat!”
The equator kindly reminded。