But the other party said like this.,He is also politely shaking his head:“have no idea。”

“Gill I know you don’t know,Tell you by truth,Your Qin Shu’s heart is not in the scorpion.,He didn’t touch him before stopping him at home.,Where is the scorpion??
breeze,You said that there is a difference in scorpion?”
Li Cuihua said this,It is directly close to Li Hui.,If this is not in the vegetable garden,Li Hui Feng feels that each other may be posted on himself.。
I immediately keep the distance to the other side.。
“Hey-hey,Scull,You are not bad at all,However, Qin Shi does not touch you, this may be that Qin Shu is dry.。”
“fart,Tell you the truth.,Is because of a scorpion” Just when Li Cuihua just said,She suddenly suddenly。
Because she saw that the Village doctor Tang Li actually took the basket and came over.。
“Hey,never mind,Wait, then tell your kid.。”
“breeze,The scorpion will go back first.,If you are busy with cooking, you can remember to find a scorpion.,The scorpion can be very delicious.。”
I heard Li Cuihua.,Li Hui Feng really feels that Qin Su Ya may have a little busy.。
“Hey-hey,Scull,You said that I really feel that the cooking is too busy.,Would you like to go to my orchard?,I give money。”
“Go! Go! Go,Your kid is bused a scorpion?,The scorpion is to see your kid is not bad.,So I will help you.,If your kid and those stinky men, I am too lazy to take care of you.。”
Finish,Li Cuihua directly twisted the slight waist and going away。
Tang Li saw this scene did not say anything。
Directly with Li Hui to open the door to see the mountain:“Xiao Li,What is your consideration before I have told you before??”
“Forehead,sister in law,What are you talking about??”
Li Hui also didn’t expect that Tang Li said that the thing said is actually serious.。
Chapter 151
Tang Li is also a beautiful woman in the village.,Especially still doctors,Wearing a white coat in a white coat on weekdays to give people a different kind of knowledgeable beauty。
Now I have encountered Tang Li again,And still before he escaping the problem,For a time, Li Hui also can only be stupid.。
“Just is the nephew let you help,The nephew can take things like。”
“Forehead,Odor,What is your joke?,I am a small farmer just returning to the village.,Where can you help your busy?。”
Say this,Li Hui quickly picked up a bean corner and then prepared to leave。
Somehow,He always feels that Tang Li said something is not as simple.,And once you can’t fall in, you will be dangerous.。
“you can,Just rely on your fair to the restoration capabilities,You absolutely。”
“Forehead,sister in law,Let’s talk later.,I have a guest now.。”
Li Hui Feng faces Tang Li’s serious eyes,He also don’t know what to say.。
After all, I was caught by the Wolf King, I am fortunate to have Tang Li.,Otherwise, he is afraid that it is really not necessarily recovering.,And Tang Li also helps himself hide a lot.。
“Row,But you have to remember that I will find you.,Because I found this thing, except that you can’t do it.。”