Night after the rainy rain,The fragrance of the suburbs is full of soil。

But the north bank of the Yuxi River is different.,In addition to the sound of flow,There is still a burst of mourning。The air is full of bloody tastes,A burst of disgusting。
hard to believe,A time before,There have been a killing of a large scale here.,And it is a state in which one is reversed。
At this moment,A step riding a mixed team,The north bank of the Lishui River appeared,Cleaning the battlefield,And let the wounded wounded on the ground。
“Convinced,Gaoli Department has been mostly annihilated。In addition to captive,The rest has been resolved。”
A person who sends a team to come to tell,The general of riding is not issued,Looking at the fire everywhere is the body,Can’t help but sigh。
“Order,All-in-one,Chasing Gao Rui’s escape。After that, I will enter the city.。”
This burly general,Take your own Sword,Look at the high-inspired gap,Can’t help but sigh again。The army slowly,Through the bridge to the South Bank of the Shuihe River。He is in the end,人 不 注意,Throw the Sword into the water river。
This follows the sword of his decades.,Suddenly gone“boiling”River water,Then I can’t completely disappear.。
He recalls that he is still very young.,Sharp,As a pioneer battle is extremely brave。After a big work,Gao Huan will give your own Peplero with yourself。Now this sword……I can’t afford it.。
“Mingyue seems to have a heart?”
A rabbit head mask,Squirting man,Riding a chasing him。
His face is actually quite simple and honest.,But the rabbit head mask on the face is extremely,As if the hungry ghost from hell。
“Song Zi Xian……You follow Houjing that year,How many people have killed??”
Billow is a curious asked。
“Can not remember,Anyway, I will not die.,I don’t know how many people want to find me trouble.。”
Song Zi Xian haha laughed,I didn’t put this in my heart at all.。
“You don’t do this today.,There will be some people to do.。Gao Huan has been dead for more than ten years.,His era,Early ended,You want more to be more useless。”
Why is it alarm light here??
According to Gao Bao“Order”,He should go to Jinyang to。
actually,This is the long history.,There is nothing to be more。Simply,It is the lawn light that I feel that I am trustworthy.,It seems still missing“Hard core”s things。
Daughter’s Raw Mood and Gao Bao Yi Chu Wang,seemingly,Not a firm relationship。This year,Children can feel at any time,Don’t say it is just a nephew.。
So deceased, I feel that I have to pay tribute,Must have actual action。
So,What kind of action can achieve this purpose??
Want to reverse,This must meet two conditions,In order to make Gao Bo Yi firmly assured。
First condition,It is broken.“Retreat”,Only people who have no retreat,I will always go out,at this point,Many things can prove。
The most obvious example is too much to break the boat。
Second condition,It is to help Gao Bo Yi to do a piece.,But it is not convenient to shoot things!
So deceased, I thought of a big event,Do this,Come and completely steady boat,When changing the dynasty,Raising the richness of the two generations behind the Robust!
As long as Hi Ling is shot,Interrupt the royal spine,So,Just waiting to help Gao Bo Yi solved the most unable to do,But what I want to do。
and,Also broken back,Two。
Go to the city to kill the ring,Tutedian,Not only the risk is very,And the style is particularly low。Billow light wants to vote from Gao Baoyi,Instead, I want to make my name into the hand.!
So what he chooses,It is the final reality of the high-quality royal family.,That is, Gao Rui’s Guashang Ma!Such the only soldiers that they can also master.。